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Monday, December 28, 2009

The next steps...

I had a lovely day of rest today - just caught up on some DVD's and hung out with JourneyDog, we had a nap in the afternoon - I have been very tired indeed though I think that is mostly due to catching up from the trip home and Christmas. JourneyMan went to visit his best mate for a catch up so JourneyDog and I had fun just hanging out together - it is pretty hot back here in Melbourne so the airconditioner has been working overtime.
In the past 2 days, I have bought (I kid you not!) 5 pregnancy books - and I have pretty much read most of them - I have read the relevant material for this period around 4 times!! I am very excited but of course there are worries that are underneath the surface. Don't get me wrong - I am over the moon and am very positive about the pregnancy but there is of course fear and quite a bit of impatience. I think that this pregnancy is going to teach me some patience, after all, I can't force anything at the moment, I just have to sit back and let it happen.
I have to answer poor Lifeslurper who is in a bit of a frenzy about the blood test (sorry for the vague updates, my friend, I have not been 100% sure of what to do myself - I feel a little in unknown territory - an IVFer without a clinic!!). I am hoping to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow but it is the first day that they are open since Christmas so I may not get in to see my doctor. I am kind of in no-woman's land at the moment because my fertility specialist is not back until 18 January so at the moment I am concentrating on relaxing and making the most of my last week before I start back at work - boooooo!
Symptoms wise, I am still feeling quite lightheaded and tired as I mentioned before. I am getting random off and on pains and my back is pretty sore but other than that, I am feeling very good!
Hopefully some more good news tomorrow!


  1. Yippee! Sounds good. I don't blame you for being cautious - glad you are getting a pregnancy education and enjoying time off before work. Fx:)

  2. Oh...Mrs Control Question - I am surprised - no shocked you haven't booked HCG tests with 18 different GPs to see how much the readings vary! You seem very another symptom of pregnancy is a loss of doubt? Brilliant!

    Pregnancy education? LOL! Remember when you nothing of IVF? Think how quickly you learnt all that guff? 40 weeks should be plenty to do the advanced pregnancy course - beside you can learn 'on the job''ll be fine.

    Rest up..take it you can finally relax! Tee hee....

    (Aunty) LS x