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Monday, December 7, 2009

Are we there yet?

Okay – there is definitely something called ridiculously organized. Since yesterday, I have already packed the case, checked and doubled checked the documents (we have 4 sets, one in my bag, one in JourneyMan’s, one in the case and one will stay with my Mum), I have packed my carry-on bag including an armful of trashy magazines that Best Friend J gave me tonight, bless her cotton socks! I even have a little pile of clothes that are my ‘aeroplane clothes’ all ready for me to slip into before we go. My spreadsheet is just about empty – there are only items that can be done at the last minute on there.

There is also something called ridiculously emotional. I am anxious, I am crying, I am yelling, I am happy, I am excited, I am tired, I am confident that this will be our BFP, I am doubtful that it will work, I am nervous, I am snapping at people at work, I am writing mean emails, deleting them, writing them again, deleting it again and then finally writing an acceptable version – I am over it!! Seriously, Best Friend J commented tonight that it was lucky it was only two more sleeps otherwise someone (most likely Journeyman) might lose their life!!

Funnily enough, I thought that this would be an easier cycle because I wasn’t on all of the injectibles – unfortunately because I am having the clexane injections every day, it feels like a normal IVF cycle. I got an email from the clinic today marked ‘urgent’ – seriously, my heart stopped. I mean within the time that I was able to get the email open, I thought ‘oh my god, the donor has no follicles, what if the cycle is cancelled? Thankfully, it was the admin assistant asking for some personal details – goodness, couldn’t she have titled the email ‘Urgent Request for Information’ – I mean, bloody hell, am I not emotional enough?

Avoid Melbourne if you can, people – there is one crazy chick in town – thankfully she blows out of here in 2 more days – whoo hooo!!!


  1. I'm counting down with you and I'm sure this is it for you :)

  2. Sending you nice, calming, postive thoughts :)


  3. You are completely entitled to those feelings. I can't imagine anyone in your shoes wouldn't feel that way. I am so excited for you!

  4. LOL! JourneyGirl!!!

    I am really interested and all...but quite frankly I have a MEGA emergency on own my hands.

    Teddy and Big Blue Dog are MISSING!!!!

    I fear they have RUN AWAY!!!! I've checked with all of their usual international and fairytale locales...I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!!!

    Please...I know you are about to leave, but you must HELP me FIND them!!! *sniff* PLEASE??!!

    LS *sob* xxx