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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beach, Pool, Waiting...

Okay, just a quick post to let you know that I am still here, waiting, waiting, waiting. Though I have to tell you that there are worst places to wait than this - lovely weather, palm trees, gorgeous pool, seaview from room - we are loving ourselves sick here!!
Not much to tell at the moment because I am in a little bit of a worried hole. AF is due tomorrow and I have noticed some distinctly PMS signs - bloated stomach, snappy mood, craving for chocolate. I am in a bit of a worried place at the moment because both cycles when I had transfers were over very quickly when AF came along and ruined the party.
I am trying to relax as much as possible and hope against hope that this is our time but I can't help but have some self doubt. I hope, I hope, I hope.


  1. Crossing everything that this works for you!!

  2. Now wait on (so far) only know what it feels like to have an unsuccessful 2ww. We both have read the many many reports of IVFers who feel that AF is coming on and then later report a postitive blood test.

    Worrying is understandable.

    Truly understandable.....

    I just hope you can find a way - my very optimisitic friend - to not let fear ruin this time.

    Fast forward time a little...when a BFP is finally announced - do you want to look back and remember how miserable you felt at the time of receiving the wonderful news?

    C'mon Lil' Buckaroo you are so close.

    You CAN do it!!!!

    You who has shown the world via this blog just how brave and strong you truly are!

    Love to you and Journey Blogging Man!

    LS x

  3. It's natural to be a bit worried and preoccupied, but I hope the beautiful surroundings are helping to distract you.

    I'm still sending positive vibes your way, hoping for a BFP. Plenty of women have mistaken early pregnancy signs for PMS. And when we start over-analysing our bodies it can be hard to tell fact from fiction.

    With JourneyMan, JourneyDog, and all your internet friends supporting you, you will cope with whatever comes your way.

    :-) TIO

  4. Hang in there! Keep enjoying the sites and wonderful weather in Thailand. Fingers crossed for a BFP for you!!