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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is there such a thing as too organised?

If there is, I am it. I am not bragging and I also don't think it is a good thing. In my great wisdom, I have organised JourneyMan and I to within an inch of our lives and I find that now we are a week away from leaving (this time in a week we will be at the airport!), I don't have anything to do! Since Sunday, time has been absolutely crawling along. I am getting frustrated, now I just want to get there already!!

I thought I was going to be really busy at work at this time because of the project and whilst there is still a bit to do, it is all under control.

Honestly, I don't think that I can be any more organised than I am right now - here are just some of the things that I have done in the past couple of days:

  • I have researched what spa's we will go to when we are in Thailand
  • I have converted the prices for all of the spa treatments into AUD and printed it out as a reference for JourneyMan and I to look at
  • I have looked up the times that the yoga classes are on at the gym at our hotel
  • I have looked at what movies are going to be on the plane
  • I have looked at what movies will be on at the multiplex next to where we are staying
  • I have researched where we can go for an elephant ride not too far from Bangkok (JourneyMan wants to ride the elephants)
  • I have purchased all of our books for Thailand (I am going to be reading the new Marian Keys - 'The Brightest Star in the Sky', I love her, she is a funny writer, plus all four of the Twilight books - JourneyMan is reading the latest Matthew Riley and the new Dan Brown)
  • I have google mapped the directions from the hotel to the clinic (despite the fact that they pick us up each time we need to go there)

Also, another thing that is annoying me is that JourneyMan has had his last day of work today before we go and I am annoyed that I still have 5 working days to go - what the!?!?

Does anyone what anything organised, I tell you, I am a list maker without a to do list, this does not bode well people!!

Thanks to Chelle & T-Gal for your lovely comments and hell yes I will be blogging in Thailand - I already know where the internet cafe is!!

In response to the comment from Anonymous. The clinic that I am going to is:

And no, I am not Asian and the reason that we are going to Thailand is that it is illegal to pay donors in Australia. I don't care whether the baby looks like me and I honestly don't care what people think - basically because this is our best chance of me being able to carry a child.

Well that's it for me tonight - this time next week, people!!


  1. • You crack me up
    • Looks like you're ready to go
    • I'm sure you'll have an awesome time
    • Make sure JourneyMan stays away from jacuzzis and saunas until after he's done his thing :)
    • I need me some sun too!

    Lots of love!

  2. Oh my gosh you are hilariously organized. I can't believe you even looked up movies on your flight. I'm organized, but you put me to shame. You're too cute. I am totally getting antsy for you! The spa sounds fantastic and what a wonderful way to keep your stress levels down amidst all the excitement.

    From my end, you only have 6 days left. I love it when your post says you're a day further than when I get to it because I get to be excited you're actually a day closer. ;)

    *big hugs*

  3. If you're needing something to organize, you can create a list for me of things I can eat post-op. I have a general idea, but haven't actually sat down and made my list. So, if you really, really need something to do, there you go. :-)

    I was imagining that during your delivery, if your doctor and nurses didn't know you did donor eggs, and the baby comes out of a different race (say Asian or African) and they look at you, then look at your DH, and back to you, with OMG! What's happened here looks. I think that would be priceless and you and your DH would have great stories to tell.

    But no matter what the child may look like, I know s/he will be loved. And that is what counts.

  4. Your baby is going to be beautiful! I salute you! You rock!
    Your organizing sounds like heaven to me! At the moment I am allowing the house to be a sty for one more day until I get off 'couch rest' and whip it into shape! I long for pregnancy nesting so I can get in a housekeeping frenzy!
    Hmmm... I can't think of anything to suggest though!
    How about learning another language in 6 days? If anyone can do it you can!
    Big hugs and lots of hope for your fantastic trip! What day of the week do you go? I am trying to figure out what the time difference is from US to AU.
    Good luck! Yippee!!!!!

  5. If it was not so far around the world I'd ask you to come and organize anything in my house - your choice!

    I'm hoping you will have a great trip - I am very excited for you.

  6. Hmmm.....sounds like you have enough time to come and organise ME while you wait!!!! Er...seriously, would you?!

    Oh gosh...this is just sooooo exciting!!!!!

    It's like really being there - for us lazy infertiles who are too slack to do anything about the whole deal.

    Lucky you are going to blog while in Thailand, otherwise you mighta had a bloggy mutiny on yer hands!!!

    Woo hoo!!!!! Way to Go JourneyGirlWomanMother!!!

    LS xxxxx