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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Until Tomorrow...

Hello to the Journey Gang this is JourneyMan.

I have been given blog update duty as JG is recovering from a rather arduous day out in the Thai countryside today. We were picked up by our tour operator at 7am, took a 130km bus ride (one way) to Kanchanaburi and took in the sights of rafting on the River Kwai, paid respects at the allied war cemetary and whilst riding on the POW built Burma/Thai railway and rode elephants! We returned to Bankok at approx. 6pm having spent the trip sleeping, reading and missing our JourneyDog and in great apprehension that our little bubs was soon to be on board!

Late yesterday we received the information that our egg fertilisation was going well. 5 grade one embryos at day 3 and 3 gade 2 embryos! JG and I were lifted greatly in spirits to read this as our fear was that with 8 out of 18 follicles that we may not have any to freeze, however things worked out there also! The egg transfer is tomorrow, we are being picked up at 12pm to set off to the doctor.

JG has decided, in the spirit of keeping relaxed that one last massage is in order, tomorrow morning, to ensure she is completely ready for the baby growing to occur. We have specified to the doctor to but one embryo back, this is due to the uterus size to ensure growing will go well.

JG is in bed exhausted at the moment, and has been there since our return to the hotel, luckily I was energetic enough to get some food for sustinance.

We thank you all for your continued support & hope that you are all dreaming of our baby on the way!

Peace Out,



  1. Awwww! I could never in a million years with a billion dollars get my husband to post on my blog. JM you are so sweet!

    The fertilization report is awesome! Things are going so well for you guys. Your luck will hold up. I just know it!

    Best wishes for the transfer tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed and you are all on my prayers.

    *big hugs to you both!*

  2. So nice to hear from Journeyman. (Great job JM!)

    Also nice to hear the fert results! I'll be thinking of you all and hoping things continue to go smoothly.

  3. Thanks for the update JourneyMan! I'll be thinking of you two and hoping the transfer goes well :)

  4. I will cross my fingers, toes, hell even my legs for you. On second thoughts, the crossed legs might get in the way of baby-making... You'll have to make do with fingers and toes!