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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Organised - who, me?

I have been cracking up at all of your comments!! You guys are awesome and very amusing!
The irony is that I was so 'organised' today that I forgot about my acupuncture appointment. Luckily, my acupuncturist is only 5mins away so when she called me I hauled my behind around there quick smart! The only excuse that I have is that JourneyMan and I bought Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Wii and were engrossed in a game when the reminder went off on my phone! Der, not as organised as I thought, hey!
On the other hand, I have continued my research today into surrogacy so that I will have a back up plan. I am telling you, that baby's room is going to be used. Today has been pretty busy with work, lots of stuff to do and early meetings with the US, so I have been up since 5am this morning and am pretty weary now.
So some replies to the lovely comments that you gals have made:
Circus Princess - thanks for dropping by, hope will feel better soon! Good point on the spa's and sauna's - yes, JourneyMan will be banned until after the 11th!
Chelle - if you haven't guessed, I had the wrong date in the countdown thingo - gosh, who ever said I was organised!! It is now correct though you will always be a bit closer than me while I am sleeping!
Miss T - I have left you a little list and some tips on your blog :) - thanks, that helped me get some of my list-i-ness out! I am so excited for you and hope your surgery goes well!
T-Gal - gee, you have set me a tough challenge!! I will learn some Thai over the next 6 days! I already know a few things, hello, goodbye, thank you etc from our last couple of trips - here are a few words for today:
  • che chan cheu Jodie kaa (my name is Jodie)
  • ra ka thao rai (how much is this? - for shopping :))
  • Sa-mee (husband)
  • de tar rok (baby)

I am working on it, I am not gifted with languages - I will try my best!

Also, here is a run down of the times (using our flight out of Melbourne as a base!):

Melbourne: 10 December 00:20

Bangkok: 9 December 20:20

Los Angeles: 9 December 05:20

New York: 9 December 08:00

London: 9 December 13:00

I hope that helps!!

Suraita - next trip, I will be lobbing in at your place - don't worry, I will organise the hell out of you!

Lifeslurper - be careful of what you wish for, my friend, I will be gettin on the freeway and getting your bum into gear! Seriously, when I get back, we will definitely need to catch up!

I am happy to say though that this time next week, we will be sitting pretty in our hotel in Thailand!

This post was supposed to be about a good friend of my and how amazing she is - I will get on to that subject tomorrow!


  1. You are too funny. I can feel your excitement for this trip. Glad you weren't too far from the acupuncturist. I'm hoping I get a Wii for Christmas, so hopefully I will soon know what it feels like to lose track of time while playing Mario Cart with Hubs. ;)

  2. JourneyGirlWomanMother:

    No need to write a post about me, I know I *AM* "amazing"!!! Oh hang on,it wasn't going to be about me was it? *sobs* That is okay, the of you coming and organizing me is enough to keep me going!!!!

    Oh this count down is sooooo exciting!!!!!!

    LS x