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Friday, December 18, 2009

Movies, Reading, Waiting...

Okay gang - I have wrested back control of the blog from JourneyMan though I am sure that you will agree that he did a fab job while I was being lazy in the hotel room! Well, today has been alot of nothing basically. I didn't sleep very well last night - I went to sleep after midnight (after watching Twilight) and woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep. Of course I am in the constant body scan mode, thinking that every pain is implantation and every symptom could mean the little dot has grabbed on with all their might!
I am feeling very positive and happy. I was initially disappointed by the results that we got but I am also very happy to have been able to have an excellent grade blastocyst transferred back for the very first time - yay! I don't know if I am imagining things or not but I feel a little bit different this time. After the previous transfers that I have had, I felt very early on that they were not going to work but at the moment, every action that I take and every thought that I have is that I am already pregnant.
So, what has been happening today. Well, after my restless sleep we had our breakfast at a lazy 9pm and then did a bit of reading before heading over to see Avatar. It wouldn't have been my pick of movies to see but there was very little else that we hadn't seen and it turned out to be pretty good. We had a nice lunch and then headed back to the room for some more reading (I have now finished Eclipse and am just about to start on Breaking Dawn) and a bit of a disco nap for JourneyMan (he never has any trouble sleeping, ever!). Then we went and saw New Moon and that brings me to where I am now - updating you guys. Can you believe how relaxing our schedule is!?!? My goodness, if we got any more relaxed, we would barely be living!! Though I have to say - it was nice to have a day without appointments, tours or treatments - today was just a whole load of nothing and sometimes that's nice! I liked New Moon a lot better than Twilight which I thought was a bit sucky (pun intended) really though I am firmly in the Jacob camp so that's probably why!
This is our last night in Bangkok and I am really looking forward to heading to Hua Hin tomorrow - I love the beach and it will nice to go swimming (not on the banned list - yeah!!) and even have some different scenery! Honestly, JourneyMan and I were talking yesterday and we feel like we have been here for a month - I guess because so much has happened but also that we haven't done much of anything - if that makes any sense!?!? Gosh, I am rambling now - someone tell me to shut up!
I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments of support, it it a wonderful, wonderful feeling to know that you guys are out there sending your positive thoughts our way, I really appreciate it and certainly some of your comments have been so moving that I have had a tear or two - thanks to all of you. I have not had a chance to catch up on my reading as yet but I promise I will - I am excited to see what everyone has been up to!!
Well that is all from Bangkok at present. Hopefully I will be able to update you all in Hua Hin but surprisingly enough, I don't know where the internet cafes are or really where anything is - I have purposely left it research free so that we could do a bit of exploring now that we don't have appointments to keep. It should be a lovely relaxing 5 nights and then home for Christmas eve - eeeek, still have not finished my Christmas shopping - will hopefully be able to find some lovely presents in Hua Hin.


  1. You have been very much on my mind. I think you're pregnant too. I think you're going to meet this little emby in 9 months and hold your child in your arms. I hope the nursery is getting all warmed up and ready while you are away. I am feeling very positive for you. This is it!

    Have a wonderful, completely relaxing 5 days and take care of your little one.

    *BIG HUGS!!!!*

  2. The power of positive thinking! I'm adding my positive thoughts to yours! :)

    Hope the rest of your journey goes well. Relaxing and doing nothing sounds absolutely heavenly to me!

  3. Sending lots of positive thoughts! This all does sound very promising and am glad you can now relax at the beach in Thailand for a few days. (Going to go catch up on what I've missed now).