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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Embyo Transfer

Hello once again to all, JourneyMan backing up on blog duty agian tonight.

I am elated to let you all know, that the embryo transfer went well today! JG is resting in our room and has been since 5pm local time.We were picked up today at 1130am and arrived early to the clinic. After some wonderful Thai cuisine for lunch, we saw the doctor for the transfer procedure at 1pm. There was another couple that transferred at the same time. The ward was small and intimate, as it is new it is also sparkling clean and professionally run! We were dropped off after the other couple to our hotel and as it was Bankok traffice it took 1.5 holurs to get home including the drop off of the other couple. We were well looked after as we were driven in a Mercedes Vito van decked out in plush seating and good air conditioning! One of the best ways to travel in Bangkok.

Over to the progress of the organisims. Of the 8, we had one excellent blastocyst embryo (this is the one we transferred). 2 were rated as fair at the blastocyst stage. A little sadly the great ratings that we were initially given on day 3, did not all continue in that vein by the 5th day, however, I keep reminding JG that we have the holy grail so far, let's be pleased with one that we can hopefully turn into a bub! I am looking forward to the hours of comedy JourneyBaby & JourneyDog will provide!
I am wrapped that we have implanted a well developed embryo today, we may well have begun our family! JG is a little saddened that we did not get as many to the excellent stage by day 5, but I hope she is slowly coming around to the idea that as long as this one grows we can come back again. It might be nice to have more ready to freeze right now, but its not the main thing.
JG seems to see it my way, however, as she likes to overachieve Im sure it will dog her mind a little, until at least we have a positive pregnancy on its way.

The nurse reeled off a massive list of do's and dont's. Which include: no shopping (Gaah!), no fast walking or general tensing of the core area. Showers are required and definitely bed rest for the rest of the day. i.e No hot baths or exercise.
After the initial transfer was done JG was told she had to remain laying for at leat 15 minutes, but an hour is preferred. After about 45 mins the nurse came to say it was time to go. JG has happily retired to the room to await the Twillight movie that will be on free to air tonight and is hoping to see the New Moon film tomorrow at the cinema.
JG is feeling very happy & positive, she wants to pass on.
During the procedure, JG was given a pic of the embryo's from the doctor to hold and she was able to watch them remove the embryo from the petrie dish before the nurse handed it to the Doctor to be placed in its new home. Also on hand were her grandnana's rosary beads, some lucky stones and the blessed Saint medal from my momma! We were also sensing the positive vibes all of you are sending, many thanks for your positive thoughts.

JM is preparing for the next step, adieu for this eve.


  1. Sending oodles and oodles of positive sticky vibes. I'm so excited for you two and am certain you'll be bringing home your Journey Baby from this trip :-)

  2. Dear Journeymommaanddaddy!
    Congratulations on a beautiful transfer of your lovely embryo. Sorry I have been MIA - reading but crazy busy. It sounds like everything is lined up beautifully for your little one to come into your lives! I am so psyched for you both! Sending big hugs and lots of positive cosy nesting vibes to the little one to settle in for the ride! Yay!! Xoxoxoxo

  3. Congrats on the transfer! I have everything crossed for you!

  4. Thinking good thoughts for you as hard as I can!

  5. I've got chills! I am praying with every fibre of my being that the little embie implants and grows into a healthy, happy baby. This is it!

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Please stick little embie! You have been given a nice, soft, warm home for you to grow and thrive in for the next 38 weeks. Once your time in there is up, your mom and dad will welcome you with open arms, a multitude of hugs and kisses, and a faithful canine companion to tease and love. You are VERY wanted and VERY loved. Be strong and we'll see you in a few months!


  6. JG & JM, I'm so happy that you have a little embryo snuggling inside JG! Rest well and enjoy your movies. Sending you good thoughts and sticky vibes your way.

  7. Oh my!!!!

    This is just so exciting!

    Journey Baby is finally home - well in a new home with a possible lease of just nine months...but a very lovely home all the same!

    Thank you JG & JM for sharing this momentous experience with keep causing me to weep for joy - and that really is a nice feeling!

    LS x