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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Official!!

I got the call from my GP today and the results are in - I am most definitely pregnant and the HCG level of 1,185 - holy moly, I had roughly calculated that it would be around 320 for 13 days post transfer so I was blown away with the results - goes to show you that I really should bother to calculate! So, JourneyMan and I are absolutely thrilled!! All of my other blood results were all good so I am very, very happy - whoo hooo!!
Some news that I had not shared with you as yet is that we didn't get any embryo's in the freezer, something that we are pretty used to as we have never had anything for the freezer - a little bit disappointing but you know, everyone is right, all you need is one!! I am so happy at the moment, I couldn't care! I also wanted to share something else with you. Quite often during the IF journey I had thought 'it's not fair' and was quite resentful of people who seemingly fell pregnant at the drop of a hat (ie on their honeymoon!) but when we were in Hua Hin in Thailand, I thought to myself - this is really not a bad way to conceive a baby! As I thought this, I felt I released a whole lot of resentment and negative feelings. Thailand is such a beautiful, peaceful place - it is hard not to have enjoyed our trip!
So, our next steps are to book in to have a scan, which I think will be around the 13th Jan though I haven't been able to book as yet because they are not back open after the Christmas break until the 4th. My fertility specialist is also not back until the 18th of Jan and the earliest that I can call for an appointment is on the 14th so hopefully I will get in to see him then, I am hoping he will refer me to an OB who has had experience with uterine abnormalities! Now it is all about sitting tight, relaxing and taking care of myself!
Oh yes, I need to tell you about Phantay - now, I realise that when I was away I had posted to Lifeslurper that Teddy and Big Blue Dog have a new buddy called Phantay and that I would tell the story of how we came to find him. When we were in Bangkok, I said to Journeyman that we should buy the baby a stuffed elephant as a pressie from us but then once I had the transfer I was not able to shop so we didn't end up getting it. Would you believe when we walked in to our hotel room in Hua Hin, there was a grey stuffed elephant sitting on the bed that we could buy and the money would go to help feed, clothe and house poor Thai children. Well, as you can imagine we bought that gorgeous elephant as quick as you could say Phantay (which is what we have christened him!).
I am still pretty tired in the afternoons and am having a Nanna nap - it is going to be tough when I go back to work on Monday though lucky I usually can work from home most afternoons and even whole days some days.


  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. YAY, YAY, YAY!!! I KNEW it!! I'm thrilled for you!

  3. Oh Congrats Little Mama!!! The story about the Elephant gave me cold chills!! How amazing? Good Luck Chickie!!!

  4. Congratulations! That is a wonderful number!!

  5. That's a great number! Woot woot! Congrats Journey Mama!

  6. Journey Mama is seriously on the way!!! YEAH!!!
    You go girl, or should I say: you grow girl!
    Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Beta Day!

  7. Woohoo! Awesome news and numbers!

    The story about the elephant is so cute. What luck! It must have been a sign.

    And you're right, nothing to do but sit back, relax, and catch a few z's when you can.

    I am so happy for you. :D

  8. Wait on.....

    You mean to say that all it takes is the discovery of a unicornuate uterus (and a MIA kidney), 5 unsuccessful IVF ICSI cycles, a vasectomy reversal, two laparoscopies, all happening around a mysterious blood clotting disorder, expert medical teams across two nations and the spending of your baby's (and grandbaby's)future inheritance?

    Is that *easy* to become pregnant?!

    [slaps own forehead!] Sheesh! Wish I coulda come up with such a direct route to parenthood meself!


    Oh my, if I was considerably younger, and remarkably fitter, I'd be doing hand stands right now.


    Congratulations to you Journey Girl, and to your brave Journey Man.....woot woot!

    Congratulations also to the Journey Grandparents and Journey Dog as well!

    You sure know how to make an old woman as a cucumber taking your time to get thee to a GP and have it all officially declared...that was agonising....don't ever do that to *me* again...okay?!

    While it is disapointing to come away without some bubsicles for the freezer, oh my are absolutely undeniably, incredibly PREGNANT!!!!!!

    Time for some more "woot woots!!!"

    Hate to steal your thunder (see how I considerately left this news to well down in my comment?)....but Wobbles and I are going to become parents to new arrivals BEFORE you (who said it wasn't a competition?) we have this week adopted to half-grown kitties from the pound. You are an Auntie! LOL!

    Oh yeah, Teddy and BBD are insisting on seeing a photo of Phantay before they vote to decide if he can become a member of the ART Sidekicks Gang....

    So will your blog now crossover to being a "mommy blog"? Can't wait to see!

    *sniff* feeling a bit overwhelmed with nice thoughts just now...*sniff*.....

    LS x

  9. PSS: Oh and just cos yer are pg - don't think you can allow standards to slip. It's the first of the month - git yer blog listed over at Stirrup Queen's for ICLW...pronto!


  10. Hi, my name is Bethanie. I have a unicornuate uterus also. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm truely amazed that you are pregnant and you are even at 25 weeks. You are so blessed. I hope everything continues to go smoothly.