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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dreams coming true!

Well, I took another pregnancy test this morning and the line has gotten darker - whoo hoo, I am SO happy. The funny thing is that I was expecting to feel a little disbelief, that it would take some time for the news to sink in but I wasn't surprised to see that line there - it was more like that I was expecting it. I think it points to an incident when we were still in Thailand. It was in Hua Hin and my back was sore because the bed wasn't as good as the bed in Bangkok but I was a little worried about having a Thai massage because they are quite rigorous (a cross between a massage and a yoga class quite frankly). After awhile, I decided that I would go ahead with the massage but tell them that I am pregnant so they wouldn't go too hard on me. That time felt like the transition to me, when I told them I was pregant, I believed it so I think that is the reason that I wasn't surprised when I got the positive result yesterday.
We went over to my Mum and Dad's place early yesterday morning for pressie corner (I am still very much a child at heart) and I told my Mum straight away and she was so happy, she cried! Later, my Mum told me that Dad had said to her - 'I am so happy that JourneyGirl is pregnant, I said prayers for her and it worked'. I nearly cried myself at that because that was so much more like my old Dad - it was just fantastic. We had a great day yesterday with lunch at my Aunties place (she also cried as did my older sister) and then we went to JourneyMan's Nanna's house to have dinner with all of his family. There was a lot of eating, lots of presents and so much joy - it was a beautiful day!
Unfortunately my brother and his wife and kids were not at our celebrations, he has been in alcohol rehab for the last month and will remain in there for a couple of months more. We are absolutely happy that he is finally getting some help so whilst we missed them all, I would much rather that he spent the time taking care of himself and getting well but I did miss them.
We had dinner at JourneyMan's Nanna's house and we told his Mum that I am pregnant, she was so happy - gosh, it was such a wonderful day yesterday. I have found that I have had to tell quite a few people about the pregnancy despite it being so early because they knew what we were going to Thailand for so we couldn't really keep it a secret. I feel slightly uncomfortable about telling people so early, however I am going to work on the assumption that everything is going to turn out fine so it won't be an issue! We didn't get home until around 9:30pm and because I only had a couple of hours of sleep on the plane and then was in bed late on Christmas eve and up at the crack of dawn to check the test so I was tired, tired, tired!
I had a pretty good sleep last night though my back is still quite sore. It was so lovely to get up and sit on the couch with JourneyDog, gosh I missed his woolliness - we went to see him straight away without going home or unpacking or anything. He is going to have to have a bath tomorrow, he is a bit on the nose, that's for sure! I went to the movies with my bestie today and we had a good catch up chat which was brilliant. I had to have a snooze when I got home this arvo as I was really tired still. In terms of symptons, I have felt fairly lightheaded all day and a bit hungrier than usual though I don't know if it is my imagination (the hunger, I mean - the lightheadedness is definitely real!).
I realised last night that I knew absolutely nothing about pregnancy so I have bought myself a book today and am reading up on what's going on. I am going to book in to see the GP next week and give my fertility specialist a call though I think he is France (or Denmark) for all of January. I will have to book in to see the haematologist as well. I want to make sure that I find an OB who has had experience in uterine abnormalities - so much to do - gosh, I might have to write a list!
On another note, I wanted to give you all huge heartfelt thanks for all of your positive thoughts, support and comments - it has been SO helpful to JourneyMan and I believe that you all had a hand in this positive result because of your thoughts and wishes - THANK YOU!!


  1. Congratulations and Merry Christmas! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you! That is THE MOST perfect holiday present ever.

  3. yeah - your holiday sounds amazing! And so many people to tell! I know what you mean about being clueless about pregnancy - me too! Just cos I am ignorant what does the uterine thingy mean and what do they do to help with that? Hope you can find a great GP / OBGYN. Good luck on the next part of the journey!
    I'll be watching

  4. Wonderful!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  5. I'm so glad that line has gotten darker. What a thrill. It's wonderful that everybody has been so positive, and I'm glad you're enjoying this moment. Good thing you got the nursery all ready, huh?

  6. Oh my gosh! I am soooo excited for you!


    I read your blog last night from my phone in a hotel room because I didn't have my computer or access to the internet. I tried to leave a comment, but apparently that doesn't work via phone browers. I actually sat there and typed out a huge old comment on my itty bitty phone keyboard only to lose it upon publication. I've been dying to get home and comment!

    I am so excited for you two! This is wonderful, perfect news, and just in time for Christmas. You two totally deserve this! I am so excited to follow along on your journey for the next 9 months. :D

    Be sure to take good care of yourself and the little bun. :)


    *HUGE HUGS!*

  7. C'mon...when is the BT??

    The suspense is not good for your ole buddy...I am liable to have a stroke &/or heart attack if I have to wait any longer for comfirmation!!!!

    When are we 'official'??

    LS x

  8. I have found your blog via Chelle over on Once an Infertile and can not believe my eyes. I would love to chat to you about this trip and the process that you have taken so that I too might be able to do this. I am a 41 year old female living in Melbourne with her 45 year old husband and lots of fur babies. My email addie is and I can be also found at