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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We are at the airport!!

In the Qantas business lounge if you don't mind!!

We had a lovely time last night with JourneyMan's family and thankfully we all had a great sleep last night!! I went to acupuncture this morning and stocked up on the herbs for before and after transfer and we got a few last minute things done and then my Mum took us out to the airport.

The drive to the airport (about 45mins) was a bit trying as JBB was over the car in about 20mins - this does not bode well for the 9 hour flight in front of us!! We had express check in because we are flying Jetstar business class (we are very happy with it so far!!) and got through security and customs without a hitch. I had read up on all of the fluid rules and everything like that and had packed everything so I could whip it out and they could check everything as we went through.

We are now waiting for our flight to be called in the Qantas Business club lounge. JBB is having a spot to eat and we are letting him run rampant around the lounge (thankfully there are not many people around) to see if we can tucker him out before we take him on the flight.

I have been dreading the airport and the flight but so far the airport has been great. JBB just wants to have a look at everything, he is having a wow of a time. The biggest test will be the flight - wish us luck (and a sleepy baby!!).

1 comment:

  1. Goodness me, JourneyGirl:

    This time has sneaked up very quickly (not to you guys, I am sure!) but wow...there you are...and at least you avoided the airport chaos of last week/

    You go with the hopes and good wishes of many a IVF with you. May you find JBBS in your travels, and bring him/her home - along with your JourneyMan and JourneyBaby....

    Make your ole Lifeslurper pal proud! Er, of course - as usual - pressure!!!!!

    LS x