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Monday, October 3, 2011

1 More Sleep!!

It is getting very exciting people!! Holy moly though, I am super duper tired because JBB woke up at 3am this morning and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. I am a bit of a walking zombie!! Luckily, I have my checklists to go through tonight to make sure that we have everything organised for the trip.

I am just about to finish up with work so that I can get home to get the finishing touches done on the packing and the cleaning – though I am tempted to leave JBB with my Mum for an extra hour and sneak in a small sleep – I don’t think that she would be that impressed though. She keeps on telling him how much she is going to miss him though so perhaps I would get away with it!!

I wonder how this cycle will go. I kind of think that if it worked last time, it should work this time, right? Who knows though, we should know in 18 days – wow, that doesn’t even seem that long away!! Plus, those are some nice, fun days of no work, no cleaning and no cooking – a big huzzah to that my friends!!

I am really excited to be spending the next few weeks exclusively with JourneyMan and JBB – it should be a really fun time. We have been to Bangkok a few times so we have agreed that there won’t be that much sight seeing. I am looking forward to taking JBB to the Aquarium though!! There will be a lot of time spent by the pool playing with JBB and relaxing!! I am sure that I will be able to get a few Thai massages as well – heaven!! Koh Samui will be all about lazing on the beach though I think we are going to hire a car to go to the waterfalls one of the days so that should be nice.

We will have technology at our fingertips while we are away, so I will be posting about every time we dip a toe in the water – okay, so maybe not every time we go in the water but pretty often I think – I find it good to keep my thoughts together!!

25 hours till we leave people!!


  1. Bon voyage and good luck!
    That aquarium in Bangkok is fantastic isn't it - I'm sure JBB will love it.

  2. CRAZY! I am still shocked it is already time to go. :o

    I really hope and pray this cycle works too. I keep telling myself the same thing, "It worked before, it will work again." I am hoping that in 18 days you are dizzy as all get-out. :)

  3. 4 hours to take off, boy I am soo excited for you.

    Me- EPIC FAIL = HCG 2