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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Transfer Day!

Well, I am at the hotel having a nice relax happily reporting that I have a AA Grade hatching blasty nestled in - yay!! Now comes the waiting, the part that I am the worst at.

It was a very good day. JBB has actually slept in to 5:30am the past two mornings (instead of 3am, we are celebrating!!) and we went and had breakfast at 6am as usual. JBB had some big play time and then had his morning nap and it was time to go. I went to have a massage before the transfer and JourneyMan took JBB to the indoor playground. We met up at the clinic and JourneyMan and JBB only stayed until they called me in because I needed to be as relaxed as possible and having little 'perpetual motion' jumping around the joint was just not going to cut it.

I was a bit nervous going in, as apart from the fertilisation report, we hadn't heard any progress on the embryo's. I had been in clinic rooms before and received horrible news such as 'no, there wasn't at pick up'. Even last time, the scary issue of only having one embryo for transfer (not that we would have transferred more than one but it would have been nice to have something for the freezer). When the doctor walked toward me, I felt sick with apprehension, I don't think I could take bad news. It was, however, the very best of news - 6 blastocysts of sufficient quality to freeze. There was one AA (excellent), two A (very good) and 3 AB (good). We have never been in this position before - we have embryo's in the freezer!!

The transfer itself went very well, though it was a bit ouchy with the catheter - booo. I had my hypnosis and subliminal mp3's on the phone so I listened to them to be as relaxed as possible. They then wrapped me up and I had to stay resting for 2 hours. The clinic organized for a car to drive me back to the hotel and I hugged on little JBB hugely, I had missed his little cheeky face all day today. He was in top form.

All of a sudden, I feel very apprehensive. I really, really hope that this works. I hope that my dear little embie burrows in deep.

And now we wait....


  1. Catching up with your posts. Such awesomeness! Loved reading about your meeting with your donor. Just lovely.

    Wishing you an easy 2WW and a fabulous beta!

  2. You have penguins!!! That is so awesome. It sounds like the little fell you transferred has a really good chance. It worked last time.... I really hope the embie burrows in good and deep and makes its home in there for the next 9 mos.

    And yes, this is the hardest part of the cycle. I loathe the TWW. You're up, you're down, you're pregnant, you're not, you're happy, you're sad, you're angry. GGGAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (Can you tell where I am in my cycle? lol!)

    Best wishes friend!

  3. Ooh exciting and yes, scary! Thinking positive happy snuggly thoughts for your little hatching blastie! Xoxox

  4. Fingers crossed and toes, too! Nestle in little blasty!

  5. Happy transfer day! Only what 14 days to go until test day!

  6. cant wait for the result of your ivf...crossing fingers for the BFP. We are also planning to have IVF DE in Thailand very very soon and would love to be on the loop of your of luck!