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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two more sleeps!

Huzzah!! The football is over and my team lost, which is disappointing but also a great relief that it is all done and dusted.

Can you believe that there are only two more sleeps until we go? I am really excited about getting this show on the road now and my motivation has come roaring back this morning. We are almost packed, just the last minute items plus some cleaning to do. I was up early this morning because I couldn't get back to sleep once I realized it was only 2 more sleeps to go.

We are going over to my mum and dads place today to catch up with all of my family, then both JourneyMan and I are working tomorrow and then we are going to have dinner at his mum and dads place and then, bam we are leaving on Tuesday. Our flight is at 3pm on Tuesday and I am hoping that JBB will sleep at least a few hours. The flight is probably my biggest concern, along with the time changes. I am expecting the flight to be pretty tough but I think that once we get to Thailand, we will be able to cope with any non sleeping etc because at least we don't have to get up for work!!

Yay, I feel good now. Despite the fact that I am nervous about the cycle, I am focussing in the time that we will be able to spend as a family!!


  1. wishing you safe travels, lots of eggs when you get there, great fertilization report and of course, very sticky embryos with a take home sibling at the end of this journey!

  2. Have a safe journey! Hope you will be able to update us while you are in Thailand!

  3. Good luck! Glad you're feeling upbeat and energized.
    I'm not sure how long the flight is, but good luck!
    I found jetlag hard both ways when we went to the UK.
    each time it took us about a week to acclimatize, but as you will be mostly relaxing ( I hope) you will be able to get lots of rest.
    Fingers crossed big time!