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Thursday, October 6, 2011

36 Eggs, what the!?!?

You read that right, yes, 36 eggs!! I was in total shock and this is double what the donor had last time. The doctor has said that this should result in 6 excellent quality blastocysts. I really hope that there will be some fabulous quality embryo's and that one will hang on for dear life.

It has been a very good day, one that I will always remember. It started out a bit shaky because we got on the wrong train as well as getting lost in the building that the clinic is in. Finally we got there and surprisingly enough, didn't get the greeting that we were expecting. So far, everywhere that we go, JBB has been treated like a celebrity - everyone wants to greet him, hold him, play with him and let me tell you, he is not minding the attention!! However, when we go to the clinic, we didn't see anyone that we knew and they didn't seem to know that we had an appointment. We also thought that there would be some excitement to see JBB but it was all a bit puzzling.

Finally, after a bit (and I must confess here, it was about two minutes) our patient coordinator came rushing to us with big hugs and exclamations about JBB. Phew, we were in the right place!! Immediately, JourneyMan was rushed off to produce his sample and I know we are juvenile but we had a little snicker when he got back. Throughout the morning, we had blood tests, I had the lovely vaginal scan (ah, my old friend, I have not missed your cold embrace) and then had a chat to the doctor. My lining measured 10mm which I believe is pretty good so I think it is all looking okay right now. The doctor had just come back from a conference in Melbourne (our home town) and he also met our fertility specialist whilst there - it truly is a small world!!

The best part of the day then happened. The donor came toward me and I recognized her face immediately because it is the face of my beautiful JBB whose face I know every millimeter of intimately. It was a truly moving moment, she walked into my arms for an embrace and the love and thanks that I feel for this gorgeous woman is overwhelming. That embrace was a truly special moment and I couldn't ask for a more special woman to be the donor of our JBB (and hopefully JBBS). She then saw JBB and pointed at his face and then at her own. I had tears in my eyes and still do now. We all sat down for a chat and she held JBB and played with him. We had many photos and she also wanted photos of all of us but of course, especially, JBB. She speaks English pretty well but there were some difficulties, our patient coordinator needed to translate some things. JourneyMan wanted to thank her especially for JBB but also for helping to see if he could have a full blood sibling.

There were some base emotions there for me as well and whilst love and thankfulness topped the list, there was also a slight feeling of wariness, no actually, more like watchelfullness. I wanted to see JBB's reaction, would there be an instant rapport because of biology and at one point there I had a momentary intake of breathe when JBB reached out to touch the donor's face. After a while, JBB got sick of playing and put his arms our to come back to me and I exhaled, of course I am his mum, no question.

I was able to give the present from my mum to her and when I was explaining to the donor about what JBB means to my family, I really started crying and we hugged. I didn't want the moment to end, it was beautiful.

A very, very good day.


  1. How wonderful that you got to meet the donor and had such a beautiful time with her. What a gift!!! It brought tears to my eyes just reading about the visit.

  2. That is incredible! 36 eggs?!

    I can't believe you got to meet your donor too. I can't even describe how I would feel in that situation.

    What an amazing, amazing day. I hope and pray all goes well going forward. Hopefully everything that has already happened ia a good indication of things to come.

  3. OMG 36 eggs! That is fantastic.

    Reading your interaction with your donor brought tears to my eyes.

    I can't wait for the fertilization report :-)

  4. No way was that just a very, very good day. It was a fabulous day! Fingers crossed for continued good news!

  5. Oh JG:

    It is all falling into place so wonderfully well! Your donor sounds fabulous and might in part explain JBB's gorgeous nature.

    36 eggs is just about beyond my comprehension, but it is brilliant all the same.

    Keep up the fabulous work....not too long til transfer is so very exciting!

    LS x

  6. Wow! Great day!
    Meeting the donor sounds so amazing!
    I would LOVE to meet our donor, but it's just not the same here.
    Is that usual in Thailand?
    All things point to good news for you and your beautiful family.
    Fingers and toes and everything crossed.