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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breastfeeding over and out.

Breastfeeding did not come easy to me. At first it was damn right painful and then there was the whole issue of not having enough milk for JBB's needs so I had to supplement with formula. So, that being said, I am sad to say that we are at the end of the breastfeeding road. This also signals the end of JBB's dependence on my body. After nearly 14 months, I can now say that my body is again now my own. I am surprised that I actually feel quite sad about that. It has been a special time (sometimes quite hard), having that bond with JBB that no-one else has.

Happily, this does not end my special bond with JBB, it of course just changes it slightly. It is quite amazing how engaged and curious he is. He looks at every item that goes into our mouths now (sometimes it is a little disconcerting with both JBB and JourneyDog looking at me so intently when I am having something to eat!!) and we are certainly trying to make sure that we are setting a very good example with the foods that we are eating.

There are some things that I will not miss about breastfeeding - such as waking up in a pool of milk. Forgetting to wear breastpads and leaking through my shirt when out and about. The hours spent with a breastpump glued to my breast. I will miss JBB's little cheeky smiles when he looks up at me. I will miss be able to settle him with a little bit of breast milk (yes, I know that they say don't do that but 'they' sometimes drive me bananas!!).

A girlfriend said to me the other day that as soon as you get used to something with your baby, it all changes. I think that she's right.


  1. I was only able to breastfeed for the first few weeks after my daughter was born before I decided to go to pumping due to it all being so painful (even pumping was painful). It was such a difficult decision to make because our instincts tell us we need to nurse our babies, but our bodies do not always want to cooperate. Once you have made the decision and there is no going back, it makes you wonder why it seemed like such a difficult decision in the first place.

    Like you, I totally didn't miss the leaking. That was the best part of BF to say goodbye to.

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