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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling craptacular...

So, as you know, we started our healthy eating on Monday and now it is Wednesday night and I am eating biscuits (cookies to the US folk) - okay, so they are Watch.ers biscuits but still, they were not in the plan. So what has happened?

Well Monday was okay though I ate chicken in the morning and the band did not agree with that, oh no, precious, not at all! So that set me on a bad road because then I couldn't eat that much for the rest of the day. Yesterday I was able to eat better but I had the most horrendous headache of all time - unfortunately, this headache followed through until today and my first period after the pregnancy turned up.

Needless to say, I feel horrible. Headache, leg cramps (this is a new one - yay), back ache, cramps and starvingly hungry and not just for the turkey curry that I made for dinner (which was okay) but I wanted some sugar dammit. No excuses, I really wanted some biscuits. This is not helping the weight come off I wouldn't guess.

Oh well - back to the drawing board tomorrow.

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  1. I know my period puts my eating habits in the toilet! I eat very very bad during that time, especially this month for some reason! Maybe it's time to get a small fill?