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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is sound addictive?

I definitely think so!! My absolute favourite sound in the world is JBB laughing. Honestly, it is literally music to my ears and I spend the better part of most of the day trying to make him laugh (no wonder the cleaning is not done!!).

He is a pretty serious fellow, he doesn't give out smiles willy nilly and he laughs only if you are particularly entertaining. But when he does smile or laugh - well, I challenge anyone not to become addicted to it!! I only have one photo of him with a genuine smile and boy is it a cheeky one - it is the wallpaper on my phone, I only have to look at it to feel better.

Yesterday he laughed when I rubbed my face and made a funny noise on his tummy and tonight he laughed when we were throwing JourneyDog's puppy toy for him to chase - he has really discovered JourneyDog over the past few days - he give him a half smile (what we call the Mickey face) as he romps by him when he's in the play gym.

I am, of course, addicted. I have an addictive personality plus I am a pretty auditory person, added to that - I am totally, completely, irrevocably in love with this charming little boy.

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