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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let the training begin!

So, tonight I started with the new fitness regime with some girlfriends. We went to an outside bootcamp type class and it was really good though I came dead last (not only out of my girlfriends who I have motivated to get fit many times in the past but the whole class - gah!!) in the running 2km time trial. I have to admit, when I was walking sections of it, with the whole class of around 50 out in front of me, my mind was screaming - I have run a half marathon for crying out loud - what is going on!?!?! Then I realised that I am 25kg's heavier and have had a baby since then and so I have cut myself some slack. This is just the first session, my friends - the only way from here is definitely up!!

In addition to my new training regime (2 nights a week and Saturday morning), I am on an eating detox to get rid of all the bad habits and cravings. This new detox was suggested by my good friend Lifeslurper and although I wasn't that excited to have a look at it, when I read it, it just made good sense. JourneyMan has joined me on this oddyssey and there have been some cranky pants around the place - okay, I confess, I have been wearing the cranky pants but two more days of headaches, fuzzy headedness, cramps, incurable sleepiness and all over body hurty will do that to a gal but I am working my way through it. We are on the arse end of the third day and only have two more days to go until some other goodies are added back into the diet.

I am definitely feeling a little bit better today though - certainly a hefty dose of righteousness that I have completed three days and also trained up a storm has me feeling, well a little bit more like myself again.

JourneyMan and I also went to counselling today - that certainly helped. I really like the woman who is doing the counselling - she is challenging but in a gentle way - I like that. I still have some work to do on feeling worthy of that precious little dot, JBB but I tells you people - I am getting better.

I'm also excited to tell you that JourneyMan has secured a permanent job in a company where he can really go places - whoo hoo, go JourneyMan!!


  1. Congratulations for just getting out there and going! I know it takes a lot. Who cares that you were last. You were way farther ahead of 1000's of people sitting on their couch at that same time ;)

    Give JourneyMan my congratulations too! That's awesome!!

  2. Awesome on the new workout plan and detox! Sounds great and it helps that journey man is doing it as well!

  3. Good for you! You'll get there!!! What did you decide about Thailand 2.0?
    I know that has got to be a stressful decision!

  4. Oh my dear all or nothing friend!!!

    I shoulda have added a note about not starting a heavy duty exercise regime the same time as commencing the detox, but I reckon there is little chance you woulda waited you mad, gorgeous, woman, mother! LOL!

    I hope it is going very well!

    LS x

  5. Good on you for starting the fitness regimen!