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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Worries and another boring weekend.

I am really glad to see that my ticker is past 10 weeks - less than two weeks to go and I can breath a little more of a sigh of relief! I have to admit - I felt good (and overwhelmed) after seeing the OB - I guess I thought I was pretty prepared and that I wasn't going to hear anything new but the whole incompetant cervix thing has thrown me for a bit of a loop. Since the appointment I have been worried. I have done a bit of research and the news does not seem to be good. I know that they are going to do anything that they can to make sure that I keep JourneyBaby but I can't help being concerned. I am so sorry to be whinging at such a happy time but I thought I was over finding out all of the things that are wrong with my body for goodness sake.
Oh and how about me being a big ole doofus!! You know how JourneyMan and I were working on the tax stuff all week last week? Well, I turned up to the appointment on Friday but the receptionist told me that I had the wrong MONTH - der Fred - honestly, I drove all the way over to the other side of town for nothing - oh well, at least we are ready!
So, it has been another fairly uninteresting weekend. Work was so busy last week that I really needed to have a rest over the weekend and that is what I have done for the most part. I did go to see my sister and her 3 boys on Friday afternoon - goodness me, they are a rumbunctious lot - I was exhausted (and so was JourneyDog!) by the time I left. Yesterday, I mainly stayed couch wise and rested while JourneyMan went for a ride on his motorbike with his brother and then went to a friend of his to play video games. Oh, I stupidly watched 'My Sister's Keeper' last night and sobbed the whole way through - what the hell was I thinking? Today I had lunch with my Mum which was really nice though I nearly fainted in Target - I had to go and sit on one of the little platforms that a manequin was on.
Sorry to bring the post down again but how do you stop worrying? How do you feel positive when you are so nervous? How can I get through the next 6 and half months without driving myself crazy? I am struggling with these things at the moment - which is a little disappointing as I really want to enjoy the pregnancy.


  1. There are a lot of women who go on to have healthy pregnancies with an incompetent cervix. It just means more bedrest when you hit the last trimester. I'm a worrier myself, so I can't tell you not to worry. I would be a mess!! I'm only a month ahead of you, so hang in there! Getting to the second trimester was a nice feeling for me. That day is fast approaching for you. :-)

  2. If you cried watching My Sister's Keeper, then don't read the book. I sobbed at the ending (which is NOT like the movie's end AT ALL!).