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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Flattering Gift....

Thank you to Chelle and TIO for nominating me for:

I am VERY flattered! If you don't know them - Chelle is Mum to the gorgeous Baby Bean - if you get a chance, check out her post remembering BB's birth - it is very special. TIO - or The Impatient Optimist is a fellow Melbournian and is in the 2WW at the moment - pop in and keep her company!
The rules of this award are:

* Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
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* Tell us 7 interesting things about you.
* Nominate 7 bloggers.
* Post the links to the 7 bloggers you nominate.

7 (vaguely) Interesting things about me:

1. My most crippling fear is of a window without curtains at night – I absolutely hate it!! I think it stems from watching too many horror movies because my fear is that I will see a face at the window. JourneyMan thinks this is hilarious though gets frustrated at my hysterical demands to close the curtains – even if only a crack is open. Last year when we went to stay in the country for a long weekend – I remember nearly having a heart attack when I went to the toilet and the curtains weren’t closed on the window – too scary!

2. I was a good swimmer when I was a youngster. When I was in grade 3 I competed against the grade 6 kids at my school and won. I love the water and feel that it is really healing to me. So much so that despite the fact that I am not supposed to be having baths, I have been having them (though they are quite cool) because it just makes me feel a lot better.

3. I have seen four of the seven natural wonders of the world, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and Victoria Falls. I nearly died after climbing up to Everest Base camp as I had altitude sickness and our guides were pushing us to go further and further – it was only because my bestie put her foot down and made them take us back that I am here today. To make this trip worse, two weeks after I got back I was hospitalised for a blood clot in my lung, which had collapsed, I could barely breathe.

4. I luuuuurrrve books with a passion. I can read them over and over again. At the moment I am re-reading The Lord of the Rings – it is different every time and I get something new out of it at each new reading. I have so many well worn favourites, they are like old friends that I go and see and enjoy their company. Instead of a painted feature wall in our loungeroom we have a wall of uniformed shelves of books that JourneyMan put up for me – it makes me happy just to look at it.

5. I am a lifeguard and a swimming teacher. I worked as a lifeguard at an indoor water slide at a hotel in Banff, Canada. I taught swimming lessons to children when I was working at an indoor pool at a cross country ski resort in Colorado. I’ve worked behind a bar in London and as a cleaner at a hotel. I have worked as a receptionist at a youth hostel in Las Vegas.

6. I have realised that when I am really scared that I freeze and cannot move a muscle. I found this out on a trip to Africa when I was in a tent camping by a river and a hippo came and pushed up against my tent in the middle of the night. Hippo’s can’t see very well but when it felt the tent it trundled off. I can tell you, lying on your back looking up at the bulk of a hippo – it looked 10 stories high!

7. I am a noisy sleeper, I talk in my sleep, laugh in my sleep, walk in my sleep (though I haven’t done that for awhile) and I grind my teeth. On a trip from the north of Australia back home to our city in the south, my bestie and I had stopped off in a motel overnight. I had a dream that the room was on fire but was startled awake by screaming. I said to the bestie ‘did you hear that screaming?’ – she responded ‘yes, it was you, you dickhead, you nearly gave me a heart attack!’

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  1. Thank you sweetie! Much appreciated :)

  2. Thanks! You're so sweet! :)

    You have had some crazy experiences! Camping in Africa? Hiking up Mt Everest? Holy WOW! And you've worked in such diverse places. That's so awesome. I think you should write about your Everest experience so I can read about it! hehe

    You totally would be freaked out at my house. We have a sliding glass door to the backyard that is always uncurtained on the opening half. I've freaked myself out a few times in the middle of the night! ;)

    And haha @ waking yourself up screaming! Too funny.

  3. I talk and walk in my sleep, too! My dear husband deserves sainthood someday for putting up with me. Cannot imagine the hippo story...the scariest I have done is camp out in a cave with my daughter's Girl Scout troop! :)

  4. Aw,gee, thanks! You're sweet. that's a funny / scary story about the motel room! You sound very well traveled and talented! I grind my teeth too and make up words in my sleep that no-one understands!

  5. Don't worry about the curtain thing. Until this year I couldn't sleep if the wardrobe door was open even an inch (and that includes ANY wardrobe, not just the one in the same room as me).

  6. Thank you! You are very kind to nominate me. I will work on this during the weekend.

    Happy Valentine's Day!