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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A whole bunch of information!

Well, it has been an amazingly busy few days. Work has been crazy – officially it has been hell week and we still have the ‘go live’ to go through tomorrow (for only half the sites – booo). I have been in at work by 6:30am every day and am having trouble sleeping because we are in the midst of another heat wave. Last night I had to ‘sleep’ in the lounge room with the air conditioner on but I didn’t really get very good quality sleep. The exhaustion is crippling and unfortunately increases the all day sickness which I am hoping will start to abate over the next couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to at least some of this project being over so I can go back to my 3 days a week.

The other thing that has been happening is the mad preparation for our tax on Friday – goodness, nothing like leaving things until the last minute. We broke the back of the work of it last night but then I realized at work today it didn’t save properly – gaaaaaahhhhhh!!! So we are back to the drawing board but after a ridiculously crazy problem solving day today – I am going to have to have a break tonight and get to bed early and face it all tomorrow.

In much, much better news – we have had another scan today and seen our gorgeous little JourneyBaby (with arms and legs – whoo hoo!!) and the heart beating away healthily. I have had a couple of appointments over the past couple of days. Yesterday I went to see the haematologist and he checked me out to make sure that everything was going okay – blood pressure was all good and he let me know how to do the injections as the pregnancy progresses. I let him know that it was likely going to be a caesarean and he said that it was actually a better thing so that they could plan to stop then Clexane before and then restart again. I also have to get a blood test to make sure that the Clexane has not had an adverse effect on blood counts etc.

So, today JourneyMan and I went for our first appointment with the obstetrician. He was recommended to us from our fertility specialist (well actually from the receptionist!!) for the fact that he is a high risk pregnancy specialist. So, here is a summary of what he said in regard to my myriad of conditions:

Factor V Leiden:

He is happy that I am on the Clexane and said that this would almost guarantee that I wouldn’t get a clot during the pregnancy – big yay on that! He told me that he has had many patients with clotting disorders so that is a big relief that he is experienced with this.

Congenital kidney defect (only have one!):

He said that I would need to be closely monitored to ensure that I don’t get any urinary tract infections so I will be having 6 weekly urine tests to ensure that everything is going okay down there! I did have a blood test as well as urine test today so hopefully all is good.

Unicornuate uterus:

This was the big one, he had a lot to say about it and also said that it was the biggest problem that we would face in the pregnancy. He said that on average most women with a unicornuate uterus deliver between 34-36 weeks though some go as early as 29 weeks and some can go full term. He said that we would definitely be having a schedule cesarean, which I expected so that wasn’t a shock. He said that I would have progesterone pessaries from 20 weeks to relax the uterus and hope that it stretches enough to get me to late term. The other thing that he mentioned was that women with unicornuate uterus can sometimes have an incompetent cervix and what could happen is that the cervix could open and you lose the pregnancy without even knowing – freaked the hell out of me!! His plan to ensure that this does not happen is that from 14 weeks onwards I will be having an ultrasound a week to make sure that the cervix is good. He said that if it does open up, he will put a stitch in it (?!?!!?).

So, all in all, pretty good. He was a really nice guy – seemed very patient and most importantly, he has had significant experience with all of my issues previously. I am very happy! I am still spinning from all of the information (on top of a significant lack of sleep) so haven’t had a chance to digest everything just yet. One thing that I am happy about is that although it is going to be quite time consuming to get to the ultrasound each week – I will be able to see our darling JourneyBaby every week – how lucky are we?!?!

On a personal note, I am determined to get to at least 36 weeks. If I get to exactly 36 weeks, JB will be born on my birthday. Or if it is one day after that, it will be on my Mum’s (and late Nanna’s) birthdays – that feels very right to me.

Phew – long post, I am going to have to go and have a lay down now!

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