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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More dreams and questions answered…..

So, I have still be having crazy dreams over the past few nights – some worrying and some not so. On Sunday night I dreamed that I went and got another dog without JourneyMan knowing. He was fine about it but the house was crazy with JourneyDog and the new dog. Last night I had a dream that at the 12 week scan the baby measured significantly smaller than they are supposed to – hopefully it does not come through. For all that though, I am sleeping a lot better at the moment. For one it has cooled down a bit and secondly, I seem to have gotten in to the knack of falling straight back to sleep after a night time visit to the loo – thank goodness to because I was absolutely exhausted.

Good news on the all day sickness, I seem to be getting a few days off from it lately which I am hoping will get more and more and then it will disappear altogether – that would be really lovely!
Yesterday, I felt sooooo good that I did a marathon of cooking so that I could get some meals into the freezer. As I have been feeling ordinary some nights I haven’t been up to cooking which means we have ended up grabbing some take away. I wanted to make sure that we were eating healthier so that was why there was a big cooking marathon yesterday. I did chicken and sweetcorn soup for our lunches and froze some cheese sandwhiches to toast each day as well. I did a pasta bake and a sausage and tomatoe casserole which I portioned up and put in the fridge (we had the pasta bake for tea last night). I also cut up some celery, carrots and popped some cherry tomatoes into zip lock bags to have for snacking. I feel better now that we are eating a bit healthier and so far everything has been pretty yummy! I am going to have a cooking day each week so that life will be a bit easier.

Okay – so some people have asked some questions / made statements in their comments and I am going to address a few here:

Wifey asked: Why do you have scans one a week?

It is actually only once a week from 14 weeks and the reason is because of my unicornuate uterus which is often associated with an incompetent cervix. The scan is to ensure that the cervix is not opening – if it starts to, my OB will put a stitch in it.

Jill said: I think that you should write about your Everest experience.

I definitely will over the next few posts, Jill – it is a pretty long story so it will take awhile!

Miss Tori said: If you cried watching My Sister’s Keeper, don’t read the book!

Yes, I have read the book Miss T and I have to say was disappointed with the changes in the movie, I think that the reason that I cried the whole way through is because I was thinking about the end of the book (and because my hormones are going wild!). Funny story about when I read the end of that book. A few years ago I trained to do a half marathon and because it wasn’t a circuit course, they had buses that could take people to the starting line. The people that I knew on the race were all doing the marathon so I was on the bus by myself so I brought My Sister’s Keeper to read on the way. It happens that I finished it on that bus, driving to the starting line of the half marathon and sobbing quietly by myself – people must have thought I was a nutbag!! Happily, I went on to the complete the half marathon!


  1. I always had dreams that my husband didn't want me anymore after I got pregnant or something happened to him, so I had to find a new daddy for my baby. I don't miss those dreams.

    Glad to hear the morning sickness is letting up. The good news is the constant nightly loo visits will let up for the 2nd trimester too. But don't get too comfy, as they will return in the 3rd. lol

  2. Sorry I have been MIA. I think that the precautions they are taking with your uterus are great. I have often wondered why they wait to put in a stitch. Not that I would wish that on you, but I know women who have had them put in early. Not that I know what I am talking about.....
    I am so impressed with your cooking endeavors and glad that your sickness has abated. It's weird about those dreams! I hope you get some sleep in between them all.
    Thinking happy baby thoughts to you!