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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work blues and good news....

Okay, so you know that I had hell week at work last week with half of the websites that I am project managing going live - it was hell right up until the day that we went live and then it was a big anticlimax (which was fabulous because it meant that we had done everything right!) . We were due to have another couple go live tomorrow but it has been further delayed at the last minute - the last two days I have been tearing around like a mad thing trying to get everything fixed in time - unfortunately we ran out of time. A bit disappointing because I was hoping to have them done tomorrow then have Thursday and Friday off - 3 days a week is my ideal at the moment but I am having trouble getting my time down to that with these projects at the pointy end.
Anyway, you know that I have been a bit worried about my contract ending at the end of Feb - well, one of the guys that I work for gave me a call today asking how long I can work for because he has a project for me - yay! I am hoping it will all work out fine!
I realised that I have been a bit of a bloody whinger lately so I have decided to write a list about all of the things that I am enjoying about being pregnant (and well, it's been a while since I made a list!).
Good things that I have found about pregnancy:
  • Actually being pregnant - I mean, how excellent is that - sometimes I still am pinching myself at how lucky I am
  • I really didn't need to cut my fringe (bangs) to hide the smiley wrinkles in the corners of my eyes - the fluid has puffed them out so that they aren't visible any more - whoo hoo!
  • My skin is really nice at the moment - hopefully it will stay that way!
  • JourneyMan is forgiving of my hormonal mood swings - a constant refrain in the house is 'hormones, raging around my body!'
  • I have become a master at hiding the grey in my hair because I haven't dyed it since before we went to Thailand
  • Thinking about about the wonderful baby growing inside me and wondering what he / she is going to look like and be like personality-wise!

On another note - I had been too scared post in case I jinxed it but the all day sickness had eased off over the weekend - unfortunately it came back with a vengeance today but I am hopeful that maybe it is passing - big yay!

Thank you to the lovely Chelle for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award - I will get on to my responsibilities asap!


  1. Wow work sounds intense. Hopefully it's not stressing you too much. Congrats on the big anticlimax! :)

  2. I feel your pain on the deadline front. Add to my oober deadlines a sick baby, and you get a Chelle in a whole heap of trouble and stress. Awesome. We're both in a fix right now, aren't we?

    I'm glad they are going to extend your contract! That will keep you from having to worry about it during the pregnancy.

    Pregnancy rocks for an infertile!

  3. Glad you are finding the silver lining despite all the worries! I hope work evens out a bit for you. (( hugs))