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Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend wrap up and all day sickness...

Here is my weekend wrap up: I did nothing. Nada, zip, bupkis. I did go around to my besties place on Friday where we were allegedly doing work on our business but mainly had a day of chatting which was absolutely lovely - she has a really nice outdoor area and the weather was lovely - it was a good day!
On Saturday, JourneyDog and I had a day of bonding with the couch - we got very close! I watched Gone with the Wind and some mega trashy TV shows. I also slept alot. It was a good day. JourneyMan went on a long haul ride on a very windy coast road called The Great Ocean Road - a very big tourist destination in our State. He didn't get home until after 8:30pm and managed to get badly sunburned on his back where his jacket had ridden up and has been miserable ever since. Sunday was a day of a whole lot of lazy - very much like Saturday except we had JourneyMan as well!
Today, I made up for my lazy weekend by being a whirlwind of activity - I got mega amounts done which has made me feel better! Better about myself, I mean, I am still having all day sickness and today was quite bad - I thought I was going to have to dash out of a meeting and vomit - thankfully I didn't have to. It is funny what the IF journey does to you - I get some perverse pleasure when I feel the morning sickness, basically because it feels like a reassurance that JourneyBaby is still going along strong. The morning sickness has been quite bad over the past few days and today was the worst yet. Today I purchased some morning sickness supplements that were recommended in the packet of information that the OB sent through - I am hoping that they help out a bit.
Sorry for not posting the ultrasound pics - the camera is on the blink so I haven't been able to post them as yet - will do so as soon as possible. In other news, my friend who has 3 miscarriages let me know that she is 15 weeks pregnant today - I am SO happy for her, it has been a long road for her.
On my own front - the next couple of weeks are pretty quiet - just have to get my project up and running for go live. I am booked in to see my haemotologist on 2 February and then the OB on 3 February - that is also the week that the project goes live so it will be a big week.
I am exhausted - I am off to bed!


  1. I used to tell my husband I was happy about being sick off and on all day (my morning sickness didn't have a watch) so I know what you mean about being weirdly pleased by it.

  2. Hoorah for continuing morning sickness! Ifertility really does help us appreciate the experience more than if we hadn't had to go through it. I was thinking about that last night. Had I not had to fight for my pregnancy and my daughter, I would have taken so much for granted, but because I did have to fight, I relished and still relish every moment. I AM a better mother than I would have been because I had to go through so much to be a mother. I know my patience is greater than it would have been. In fact, it takes a lot before I even start to get annoyed with my child, and those moments are so far and few between they might as well not exist.

    Because you really had to go through the ringer to get JourneyBaby, your pregnancy will be filled with nothing but happiness at each and every uncomfortable symtpom. You will be a fantastic, extremely appreciative mother. :)

    I love lazy weekends. Aren't they they best? Glad you and the JourneyFam got in a good snuggle!

  3. I'm just catching up on all the exciting news! Can't believe I missed all this. So, very, very happy for you and can't wait to see those u/s pics!