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Monday, January 25, 2010

JourneyMan Writes...- Morning Sickness City Limits

...have well and truly been breached. I must say I feel for JourneyGirl as her monring sickness lasts through many of the 8am - 5pm hour range and theres not a lot of respite for her.
Its a great reminder that we have JourneyBaby on the way so we are focusing on the positive even though we are dealing with the pains of the pregnancy.

JourneyDog and I have been trying to hug JourneyGirl as much as we can so she can feel our love and support during all of the daily sickness.

I feel bad for JourneyGirl so Im just trying to do what I can for her to help her feel better.
Everyone that I have told about the JourneyBaby have been very supporting and happy for us that we have the JourneyBaby on the way. I am quietly hopeful that we will make it to 12 weeks without incident and keep the JourneyBaby healthy from there on out.

We recently went in for the scan, across the road from Box Hill hospital . It was a juxtaposition of emotions as while we were filling in our form at the desk the kindly old admin behind the desk barked "Are you parked on site?" Since we answered no we did not get to find out why this would be an issue.

The scan tech was great, she was so happy and enthusiastic and she took some great pics of JourneyBaby for us. The most exciting part was the heartbeat. I was loving it how the heart illumnated with each beat and I couldnt believe how fast it was beating. 140 beats per minute! I didnt expect such a fast heartbeat, I was expecting something more like a resting beat of 60 bpm. I guess gestationing is really a workout.

I went away really happy and excited after the scan because of all the positive things the scan tech told us about JourneyBabys health. It feels great to know that we finally got over the conception hurdle. Im sure JourneyBaby will be with us before we know it.


  1. I am so happy that the scan went well for you! It sucks about the morning sickness, but as JM said, it's a reminder of the baby you have growing inside.

    I'll pray for continued development and growth of JB, and an easing of JG's morning sickness.

  2. That's a great title for a post! So sorry JG is really getting the worst of the old morning afternoon and evening sickness.
    You and JD keep taking care of her now and send her my love and happy vibes!

  3. Sometimes, I have to wonder just why it was termed 'Morning Sickness' when I have heard more than a few stories about how it lasts pretty much all day, every day. My mom was lucky, she said that she never got sick with me or my sister. I can only knock on wood that I get so lucky after all these stories!

    Anyway, congratulations on the scan! Every day is a good day, so stay focused on the positive. Take it easy and have a great ICLW! =)

  4. So exciting! I can't even imagine the thrill, getting to hear/see your baby's heartbeat. Congrats!! Good luck with the Mrs.'s morning sickness. But all worth it in the end, eh?

    Happy ICLW!