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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend O Crap

I had a pretty ordinary weekend. My younger sister had been barely talking to me for the past few months and she told me yesterday why. I am not going to go into the whole story but needless to say, I am a bit hurt. She had felt hurt by some comments that I had made a few months ago, which I don't believe that I said some of the things she said I did - I am pretty sure it was my older sister said some (though definitely some things she said were true) but I apologised anyway and hopefully that will be the last of it. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I can talk to her about being upset because I think it would drive us further apart rather than closer together. The worst of it as well was that my mum seemed to want to blame me as well - that really hurt. I was extremely upset yesterday and poor old Journeyman had to listen to it all - then my poor old bestie got an earful on the phone this morning - thanks you guys, what would I do without you wonderful supporters!!

My reaction is to avoid all contact for awhile and certainly I will this week. I feel like I have retreated back into myself and need to not see people for awhile - maybe it is the pregnancy that is making me more emotional than usual and certainly I would rather not say something horrible to someone because I am emotional. Normally I see my two sisters and mum every week (my mum more often) on Saturday when we go to the market - I am not sure if I will go next week, I honestly don't know if I can stand the hassle of it. The market was no fun yesterday anyway. It was ridiculously hot and I felt terrible and that was the icing on the cake really. I slept most of yesterday arvo and in an effort to escape the heat today, Journeyman and I went to see a movie. This arvo I have just been stewing and watching crap TV - pretty boring really.
I have a few comments to return so here goes:
Anonymous - sorry I haven't replied to your comment from the other day, I appreciated all that you have said - gosh, you sound like you have been through the IF wringer as well. Of course you can contact me on email, the addresss is donoreggsjourney at - I look forward to hearing from you.
Chelle - yes, my goodness, it is so odd reading yours and the other northern hemisphere girls talking about how cold it is when we are sweltering here!
Lifeslurper - yes, I have turned into you!! I have always loved the hot weather(only up to 35 degrees though - anything above that is gross) but this year I am having all sorts of trouble, I am dreading our electric bill! I have to say that I am worried about bushfires too - tomorrow is going to be terrible and I am hoping, hoping, hoping that we are spared the horror of last year. For those of you that don't know, on Saturday 7 February 2009 - our state of Victoria suffered the worst bushfires in our history - 173 people died, 414 were injured and over a million acres burned. My sister in law's sister and her husband lost their house, though thankfully they were not there at the time and were not injured. It was horrible waking up in the morning and smelling smoke and hearing all of the terrible stories. I think we are all fearful at the moment with the weather being as it is at the moment.
So that is it for the weekend. I know that I should not be complaining about anything at the moment, I am SO thankful for all that I have but honestly, it is hard not to be upset about these things and I have been trying to put the stuff with my sister out of my mind all weekend but have unfortunately been unsuccessful.
On the positive side of things, the scan is on Friday so I am hoping, hoping, hoping that all will be good with that! I will also be able to book in to see my fertility specialist this week and hopefully I will get an appointment next week and get a referral to a good OB! So yes, in summary, a crap weekend but a lot to be thankful for - I must always remember that.


  1. God you sound more like me everyday. I go shooping with my mum on Saturdays however have not been close with my sister for many years now.
    I hope it starts to get better now that its out in the open, its the last thing you need in this great time of your pregnancy.

  2. Arghhh!

    Maybe your sister is feeling the heat? Maybe Journey Grandma doesn't know what to do...and to keep peace finds you the easiest one to 'blame' - as you are obviously the lovliest of her daughters?

    You have not got the time or the additional energy - now you are 'with child' - (been waitin' for an excuse to say that!) so you might have to let it rest for a while..avoid carrying around in one else's stuff now you have a 'baby on board' (tee hee!)

    How did you pull up after last night...hottest night here since 1902?!!

    Yesterday was 44.9/112.82 here - we were the hottest part of the state. Grr! So much for them there sea breezes! Fingers crossed for no fires! Keep cool Baby Mama!

    LS x