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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let's do the time warp....

Okay, so I know that I am a little impatient but honestly, has January been the longest month on record or what? This is usually the time of year that I find screams by because of summer, starting work later in the month, the Aussie day holiday and all that jazz. However, this month feels like it has dragged and dragged and dragged.
In Australia we have a game of football called Australian rules and in my town it is practically a religion. The season goes from late March until the end of August and September is a month of finals. My bestie and I always break the year up into footy season and non footy season. So I am driving myself a little batty that JourneyBaby is not due until the end of the footy season - and worse, the season hasn't even started yet!!
Maybe it is because it is still 3 weeks until we reach the 12 week milestone and maybe it is I am living in the land of uncertainty with my job but honestly, the last week has felt like it has taken a month. This week is also going to be very hectic with the project going live (I hope!!) and the many doctors appointments that I have - plus we have left getting our tax done until very late and I have an appointment Friday with the accountant and have to do mega amounts of work collecting info beforehand. Hopefully the fact that this week is busy will mean that time will go very, very quickly! I am also hoping that our meeting with the OB will go well on Wednesday.
In other news, my stomach has grown huge. I am pretty sure it is bloating but honestly - I am having trouble covering it up!
Have a good week everyone - hope February treats you well (and goes by very quickly!!).


  1. Don't worry JourneyGirl, it is not just you. January has been sloooowwww.
    It seems like months ago that you posted that you had your BFP. I'm SURE you should be more than 9 weeks along. Time is definitely doing some odds things this year.
    I'm looking forward to hearing how your week goes.

  2. As one who is waiting for Feb 9th I feel your impatience too! Sometimes it feels that my only purpose in life is to get to the embryo transfer. Weird i know. I hope your job is stable after all. What's the scoop on that anyway?
    Waving at JG and JD:)

  3. I mean JM and JD - sorry - who'se JG? Oh JOurney guy - journey man? I'm confusing myself!