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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone - I hope that you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and rang in the New Year in a fun way! Happy 2010 everyone!

I like the fact of a brand new year starting as I think it is nice to wipe the slate clean and start everything anew! However, I don't like to go out on New Year's - in fact, I am not a hugely sociable person at the best of times - my favourite meal to eat out is breakfast!! JourneyMan and I had a very quiet night in watching an Entourage marathon (they party enough for us all!) and I was in bed by 10pm! The most exciting part of our night was when the hot weather broke and the storm hit - lots of thunder, lightening and crazy wind and rain! Since I gave up alcohol one of the things that I have loved is starting the year feeling great and this year was no exception, though it did take me a couple of hours before JourneyMan and I remembered it was a New Year and had a bit of a kiss!

I am absolutely relieved that the weather has broken, gosh it has been hot here for the days before New Year's Eve - nearly 37 degrees celcius yesterday (almost 100 F) so the house has been getting warmer and warmer. It was so hot that for the first time in my life I slept in the lounge room with the airconditioner on all night on Wednesday night. Thankfully today has been quite a bit cooler though the house hasn't completely cooled down yet. I generally have quite a low temperature so the hot weather does not usually bother me - in fact I love it. Though I am finding that I am feeling the heat quite a bit more because of the raise in my temperature. We managed to cool down the house enough last night though so I was able to sleep in the bedroom - yay! I am glad that JourneyMan brought me quite a few summer frocks in Thailand for me for Christmas, they are very comfortable and very cool!

It really is a brand new year with a clean slate - this is the year that we will meet our JourneyBaby - I can't get the smile off my face! So what else is to be done in this brand spanking new year? To be honest, I haven't even done my goals for the year yet!! I have been too busy smiling to myself and sleeping - I will have to have a brainstorm over the next few days.

Here is a list (yes, people, of course a list was not going to be far off!!) of the symptoms that I am feeling at the moment (this list will be saved to tell my long suffering fertility specialist, he really hates my lists - he likes to look at the list upside down and quickly address any questions!):

  • Tiredness - when on holidays, I used to stay up past midnight most nights, now I can barely make it to 10pm and that is after a Nanna nap in the arvo (that is afternoon for any non-Aussies!)

  • Cramps - still feeling very crampy off and on

  • Bloated - my stomach looks like I am already 5 months pregnant

  • Sleeping - I am sleeping a lot heavier these days - I don't even wake up when JourneyMan comes to bed!

  • Dizzy - I am getting alot of dizzy spells when I stand up from sitting down and then sometimes even when I am sitting down

  • Morning sickness - I feel a bit sick if I get too hungry, no big deal, I just eat something and feel better though I am a bit freaked about how much weight I will put on over the next 8 months! I actually didn't know it was morning sickness until I was talking to my older sister (she of the 'My 3 Sons) and she asked how I was feeling and I said that I felt a bit crappy that day, like I had a hangover, then she told me it was morning sickness - der Fred, can I be anymore clueless!!

All in all, I am feeling pretty good, none of the symptoms are stopping me from doing anything and I am very much trying to rest and take care of myself as much as possible. That being said, after a week of pretty healthy meals, we had Macca's for tea tonight - whoops!

At the request of my good friend and blogging yoda, Lifeslurper - here is a pic of the fabulous Phantay - the elephant protagonist of the previous blogpost:

Chelle - I haven't forgotten your request to post a photo of our new dining table - it's just that, we only actually got it on Christmas day (my Mum is a big stickler for giving Christmas presents only on Christmas day, bless her!) and I haven't put it together yet - yes, we have to put it together - it is from Ikea! Yes, I have to do it because JourneyMan has a strict 'I don't put furniture together' policy whereas I don't mind it, I kind of find it soothing and quite rewarding!

Goodness, it is nearly my bedtime - Happy New Year all - I hope all of your dreams come true this year!


  1. I smiled all the way through reading your post. You just seem so happy. Happy New year to you and JourneyMan - I hope it's an awesome one!

    Yikes! You better buy the crib and any baby furniture (if there is any more to buy) early then so you can put it together while you still feel up to it! ;)

    Phantay is adorable!

  2. Don't worry JG, my NYE was even more low-key than yours. I did manage to stay up past midnight but Hubs had to work and I was exhausted after a rough week at work so I was at home alone watching the Lord of the Rings! And of course enjoying the storm. Gosh when that cool air started blowing in through the window it felt sooo good.
    I don't like heat unless I'm at the beach or lying beside a pool so today's weather is just perfect for me.

  3. Hooray for all of the awesome pregnancy symptoms! It sounds like JB is growing quite well in his/her new, but temporary surroundings. What a very wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year!

    The Phantay looks perfect for a little baby. It will go sweetly in your nursery.

    I can't wait to see the dining room set still. lol There realy is something quite soothing about putting things together.

    Happy 2010!

  4. Gosh Phantay looks very cosy, is he the soft plush baby squishing elephant?
    On the bloating thing, how many journey embies did you put back in? Was it 2? Could it be 2 journey babies I wonder............

  5. Happy new year! Yea for pregnancy symptoms! When is your due date? I'm Sept 4th. Yay for babies in 2010!!

  6. Okay, Teddy and BBD had a board meeting and have decided to nominate Phantay to join their crack team of ART Support Companions. Membership card and secret handshake details should arrive within 5 - 10 working days!

    LS x