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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caution: Great Complaining Ahead (enter at own risk)

When I have seen other IF women get pregnant and then feel guilty for complaining about morning sickness or any of the other symptoms of pregnancy, I have always been quick to comment to give themselves a break and that if you feel like crap you feel like crap – so why can’t I give myself the same little buck up speech? I have been feeling very ordinary for the past week – the morning sickness is most definitely all day sickness and the only respite I seem to have is when I sleep – though lying on the couch also helps a bit too. I think I am going to have to have another weekend of couch surfing this weekend to keep it at bay.

I do feel guilty though for being a complainy pants when I have dreamed about being in this position for SOOO long and I try to keep seeing the positive sides – like that since I am feeling MS, I can assume that everything still seems to be going okay. But I am finding it a little hard to feel positive when I am feeling so yucky most of the time with the MS, almost constant low level cramps, I am having a lot of trouble sleeping and am absolutely exhausted.

On the positive side of things, I had lunch with my sister on Tuesday and it was wonderful to talk to her about all of my symptoms and for her to understand (she has 3 boys). She had very bad MS in all of her pregnancies where she threw up a few times a day every day for the first 4 months – poor thing, I am definitely not that bad!! I found it such a lovely day because I felt a bond with her that I hadn’t felt before because we had never shared this commonality before – it was fab. I am going to lunch with a pregnant friend tomorrow so that should also be good!

I am hoping that things will settle down when I can start to reduce the medications that I am taking and thankfully the reduction starts this weekend when I go from 3 a day of the oestrogen tablets to two a day and from twice a day oral progesterone to once a day – that will good! I will finish all medications (barring the blood thinner injections) at 12 weeks so only 4 weeks to go – yay!

Okay – best be off!! Sorry for all of the complaining!!!


  1. I love to hear you complain because it tells me: 1) your pregnancy is going great; and 2) you're human. I am sure it seems rougher than you imagined because you are in the thick of it right now with little relief in sight for a bit. Its daunting. On top of that, your hormones are going crazy. Plus, you're supposed to be exhausted the first trimester. Hello, you're single-handedly building another person!

    So in your own words, cut yourself some slack and complain all you want. I'll listen and grin. :)

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long for you.

  3. Stopping by from ICLW...Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I completely understand the whole complaining vs. being grateful issue...I am there myself right now. I think you just have to take it one day at a time and give yourself a break now and then. :)

    Hoping you feel better soon!

  4. I used to hate it when preggers complained. I thought it seemed ungrateful. However, I realized that I complain when I'm sick and it doesn't mean I am ungrateful to be alive so what is the difference. Besides it was more like me being bitter. Therefore I think it is perfectly normal and acceptable to complain all you want when you are sick for so long during a pregnancy. I hope you get some relief soon. Congrats.

  5. Just because you're complaining doesn't mean you aren't grateful- it just means you feel crappy, lol. You're completely allowed.


  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Complaining doesn't = ungratefullness, so complain away.


  7. I really don't hear any complaining here!

  8. Good luck, and I wouldn't worry too much about complaining!


  9. I would like to second your advice to others: give yourself a break! Just because you are thrilled to be pregnant and have worked hard to get there doesn't mean that morning sickness doesn't suck! I hope you feel better soon, and congrats!

  10. Happy ICLW!

    I am obviously new to your blog, but I hope that everything is going well for you, and continues to do so! It's interesting to learn new things about new people, so your 'complaining' is all new to me!!! hehe.. Vent on!

    Have a great weekend, and I hope that you feel a little better with the 'couch surfing.' =)

  11. OMG!

    A Journey Baby counter!!!!!

    I LERV it!!!!!!

    Honey, this is your blog and you can complain if you want to, complain if you want to, complain if you want! I would complain if it happened to me! ['It's My Party' reference deliberate!]

    You are in the big leagues now, and the IF label is no longer get to go through all the standard drudgery of pregnancy. That MS better clear up soon, or I will be forced to come and deal with it meself!!!!!

    Love to you, Journey Man and Journey Bubs!

    LS x

  12. What Lifeslurper said, it's your blog and complain if you want to! As much as we are all grateful to have the dreaded MS after so much time in IF land, I'm sure it is very unpleasant.

    SO glad to hear that all is progressing well with your pregancy.


  13. Don't be sorry for complaining. No one likes to feel like crap, even if it is for an awesome cause! I hope the ms eases for you soon!