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Monday, November 2, 2009

A good weekend and a bad fridge!

Okay people, things are getting really real now!! It is only 36 days to go and I have to land a major major project in that time and I am telling you, it is getting close to the wire. The project (I have been working on it since February) was supposed to go live on 30 October. Then it was put back to 12 November and now I fear that it may get put back even further. The problem is, JourneyMan and I are off across the country to Perth in Western Australia for JourneyMan's cousin's 30th birthday and then two weeks after that, we are Thailand bound. I really thought that there wouldn't be any crossover since the project would have been wrapped up well before we go but....god only knows what is going to happen now (of course I have told them about the holidays as well as the fact that they can't do anything about it and they have been very good and understanding) - now it looks like it is going to go live the last week of November or the first week of December. Oh well, come hell or highwater, I will be outy on November 9!!
Firstly a bit of a 'frick' moment. Our fridge is dying so I went and brought a new one today but it won't be delivered until later in the week. It is a real bummer because I had made my super high fibre chicken and vegie soup which has now all spoiled along with all of the food (including my organic grain fed - aka expensive meat) that I brought at the market on Saturday. So we are going from, nice minestrone soup, salmon and fetta fritatta and many other delicious recipes from this week's menu to freaking take away - damn it all to hell.
On the 'fab' side of things, I started the 'baby room' cleanout (I have taken the advice of Lifeslurper and am calling it the baby room instead of the spare room now - and speaking of Lifeslurper, have you checked out the festival of Teddy - honestly, one of the funniest blogs going around and as an aside, I found a study that said laughing increases your fertility, so do yourself a favour and get yourself over there and check Teddy out!!). Anyway, I got a bit lost, I was talking about the baby room. I have organised all of our papers and started packing up books for storage which JourneyMan has migrated to the garage. I announced to my two sisters and mum at our Saturday morning breakfast (after the market) what my intentions for the room are and I was amazed at their reaction, they were so excited and positive - bless them, it was wonderful. I had also spoken to my bestie (who is the only one of my close people, apart from JourneyMan of course, who know about the blog) and she had read my last post about the room and was also overwhelmingly supportive. It was so great to bask in their support, I loved it!!
My older sister with the three boys freaked me out a bit because she has been saving, saving, saving stuff for us and she is practically breaking her neck to hand it all over to us!! I had to ask her to slow down because I really need to clear things out first!! I am really trying to take things slow and work through it methodically - I am usually more your 'bull at a gate' type person so this is a little challenging for me!!
In terms of my regime, I have been going very well, though the fertility yoga has fallen a bit by the wayside. Originally I was wanting to do it 6 times a week but I am going to aim for 3-4 times as it was a bit onerous. I do have more herbs that I am taking now, from the acupuncturist, my session on Friday was wonderful. She said I was very healthy and strong which was great!
The weekend was very nice what with the market and breakfast on Saturday and then Sunday, JourneyMan and I had a really nice day together. We did aqua aerobics at the gym (which was hilarity itself!!) then had a paddle around the pool, a sauna and a spa - it was really nice to spend some time together having fun. Then we went to see a movie (Couple's Retreat) in the afternoon. It was such a nice day. Even better is the fact that we have a public holiday tomorrow (for a horse race - the only city in the world that has a public holiday for a horse race - hilarious, I love it!!) and I am going to hang out with my bestie for the day which will be wonderful.
So there were a few more questions, here are some answers:
Miss Tori asks 'will you be blogging in Thailand' - can I get a hell yeah on that one. We are staying at a hotel that is connected to a 7 story shopping centre and I know just the internet cafe that I can go to to keep you all updated on the story!!
Anonymous asked what clinic that were are using in Thailand and the answer is: - We are seeing Dr Wiwat.
Lifeslurper asked 'I'd love to hear the behind the regime'
Okay, I am going to talk about these but only one at a time (otherwise I will be going on forever - as I am wont to do!!).
Firstly - Inner Health Plus - I got this information from a website that I am signed up to called that said that it is important to have an alkaline system and then I came across it at a few other sites as I was going around and basically they say that it can help out with hormonal balance as they can break down oestrogen (important for us endo sufferers) and are important in manufacturing vitamins like biotin, folic acid, niacin and B6. Anyway, I thought it couldn't hurt, so I have been taking them.


  1. Oh no! All that spoiled food would make me crazy. When you get your new 'fridge, I'm inviting myself over to have some minestrone soup and salmon and fetta fritatta! Sounds delicious :)

    So glad everyone was supportive when you told them. It's so wonderful to be able to share excitment!

    Happy to hear you'll be able to blog from Thailand - I'll be reading along!

    Thanks for the great comment on my blog. Suggestions are always welcome :) I have never tried acupuncture - it is a little scary for me, partly because of all the needles and partly because of the cost. It is something I should look into though. I've never heard of a castor oil pack. What is it?

    I'd love to see pics of JourneyDog! Thanks for the compliment on River. He is bigger than the "average" blue heeler - around 65lbs - and people who know the breed usually comment about it. I have a bunch more pics of him, and a video or two, that I'll be sharing soon.

    You have a good week too!

  2. Hey thanks JourneyGirl!

    Teddy is now battening down the hatches ahead of the expected barrage of Journey Girl fans likely to head over to visit Teddy thanks to your's in the post.

    I lurvvvve that you now have a JourneyBaby room....would love to see pics! Here's an idea: call it 'The Journey Room'!!!!

    Sorry to hear of the fridge, but you will need a reliable one for storing mooshed (organic) veggies for Journey Baby....can't wait for you to post some recipes for all the delic food!

    Thailand via you do like your travels!

    Alkaline, eh? Thanks for posting that...I look forward to hearing the whole story behind the rest of the regime.

    Holiday for a horse race....don't forget we turn to gambling to commorate war...yes we are a strange mob!

    Project? Live to air? Is this for your work work, or a personal project?! I *must* know! I remain eternally envious of the JG adventurous life!



    PS: I love that you have readers that have Big Blue Dogs....that is great! Everyone should have a blue dog AND a baby!