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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A big clean-up and lots more inane rambling!

Thanks for all of the comments, everyone – you are so supportive and have been very thought provoking for me. I really appreciate all of the time that you have taken to make a comment – you guys are fabulous! Welcome to Maxandzuzu and thank you for your wonderful comment. Chelle, I understand where you are coming from and to a certain extent I agree but I feel a little ‘once bitten, twice shy’ in terms of my friends. I know that they mean well and for the most part they are extremely supportive however, they sometimes make comments without thinking that it will hurt - like laughing at all of the things that have gone wrong – that hurt. If I didn’t have Thailand coming up, I would have forced myself to go out to lunch with my friends as well as breakfast with JourneyMan’s family because I normally believe in facing my fears and trying to get over things. However, with Thailand coming up – I am putting myself first, I want to reduce the possibility of getting upset so whilst I know that all of these people love me and want to support me, unfortunately sometimes people say things that they don’t realize hurt and I don’t want to hear about that at the moment.

My Mum made a comment to me this week that I might need to get help from someone especially if it doesn’t go our way in Thailand. I don’t have any problem seeing counselors or anything like that but I did take a little offense at her comments to me the other day because the implication was that I am not handling the situation very well. I know that she really struggles with what to say to help out at all and after I cooled off (and vented about it to Journeyman), I had a chat to her about it and explained to her how her comment made me feel – she was very understanding and it was good to have it sorted out.

Last week was a busy one with me working 5 days – eeek!! There is still stacks to do on this mammoth project going live but I am only working 3 days this week because JourneyMan and I are off for a little trip to the West Coast of Australia – Perth for JourneyMan’s cousin’s 30th birthday. I am really looking forward to this little sojourn to the Western beaches! I haven’t actually been to Perth (apart from a 4 hour stop off on the way to Africa) so I am really excited to have a look around and have some relaxing fun! Only 3 days of work to go - yeah!!

This weekend has been a hectic one with Saturday off to the market with my Mum as usual. We then went to my older sisters’ boys school fair in which we were both roped in to doing an hour on one of the stands (I took tickets for the pony rides and Mum served tea!). Then we went to see my Dad who is still in the rehab place and who wasn’t in very good spirits that’s for sure! On Saturday night, we had dinner and were in bed by 9:30pm – we are party animals! Today has been all go! JourneyMan had the breakfast around with his family and then we went over to my Mum and Dad’s place to make sure that JourneyDog can’t make an escape from their backyard when they are taking care of him when we are in Perth and then Thailand. I have wrapped Christmas presents today as well as packed all of our toiletries for Perth (which will remain packed for Thailand – whoo hoo) – I am feeling pretty organized.

The rest of the day today we had a mammoth clean up and I am happy and proud to tell you that JourneyBaby’s room has been completely cleaned out and is ready for her / him to grace us with their presence. In there I have a big bear that my Nanny (Dad’s mum) left me and a couple of bears that JourneyMan took when were cleaning up my Nanna’s place after she died (he was very naughty and I told my mum and she was fine about it). My birthday is on 6 August, my Mum’s birthday is on the 7th of August and Mum’s Mum (Nanna) birthday was also on the 7th. We had 3 generations within a day of each other. Plus my grandfather was the 3rd of August, my sister is the 19th (her husband is the 22nd) and the Aunt that I am very close to is the 24th – we are a family of Leo’s!! I am taking it as a good sign that if all goes well in Thailand, this baby will be due (37 weeks – which is considered full term in Australia) on the 10th of August. I hope, hope, hope!!

JourneyMan’s Mum has had a medal of St Jude blessed for us to take. St Jude is the patron saint of desperate cases (sometimes called lost causes but I am not going to think that!). According to my sources, St Jude is usually invoked in desperate situations because he stresses that the faithful should persevere in the environment of harsh, difficult circumstances, just as their forefathers had done. I thought that was really nice of her and though I don’t think we are a ‘lost cause’ I would most assuredly agree that this is a desperate case – I will definitely be wearing that when we head off to Thailand – 23 days to go, people – things are getting exciting!!


  1. I don't blame you one bit for bowing out of the lunch. You DO need to take care of yourself right now and do what is best for you. It sounds like you handled the comment from your mom very well. It was good to hear you let her know how you felt about it. I am sure she will be more careful with her word choices in the future. Not only with you, but with anyone else she encounters who may be struggling with IF.

    22 days! Gulp! How are your spreadsheets coming along? Do you check stuff off on them as soon as you complete them? If so, I bet you've got a lot checked off right now. :)

  2. Wow - you guys have been so busy! Western Australia sounds awesome!it must feel good having the momentum going and doing doing doing! I amglad you told your mum how you felt and she understood. As for your friends I think it's important to protect yourself! What day is your transfer? I think we are on really close schedules yours the 7th? Mine is the third! Take care ! FX big time!

  3. It sounds like you are coping quite well. You manage to give yourself treats, like the visit to Perth. That trip also means that you are doing things that focus on other people, not just on yourself, so no self-pity there.

    It's great that you can talk to your Mom straightforwardly about your feelings. I'm sure that she was just worried about your wellbeing and hurting you was the last thing she would want to do. No matter how old or self-sufficient we are as adults, we are still our Mom's child. I really wanted my mom to have perfect timing and ultra-sensitivity toward my cycle and practically bit her head off when she strayed into worried mother mode.

    Be well. Lisa (IComLeavWe #Your Great Life)