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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go West!

Greetings from a town called Mania! I have been up since 5:30am this morning and it is now 11pm. We are headed off to Perth tomorrow so I have been madly trying to get all of my work done as well as organising all of those last minute things. We have had a few issues this week - firstly, JourneyDog has been sick so I had to rush him up to the vet yesterday afternoon so everything I was going to do last night was pushed so I could hug and comfort his woolly self. Would you believe he had a bruised pen!s!! Goodness me, who would have thought! He is much better today thank goodness and will be packed off tomorrow to his Nanna's place!
JourneyMan and I had a big argument the other night (I was going to say barney but am pretty sure that is Aussie slang so didn't know whether my US friends would understand - anyway, barney = argument). It was over something really petty but I was really disturbed and only got about 2 hours sleep on Sunday night so have been exhausted ever since. We don't argue that much but this has left me feeling quite upset. We are getting back to ourselves again now but I have to admit, I can't help but get worried when something like that happens. I need to release and let go.
I had a pretty ordinary day at work, the project has been pushed back to the day before we go to Thailand - what the!?!? That was something that I didn't need, though I have serious doubts that we will be able to go live - I think it may get pushed to January. I have a lot, lot to do tomorrow so will be up at 5am to get everything done.
The other thing that happened was that work didn't pay me and JourneyMan's company changed his pay day to 5 days later than normal - this has thrown the budget out a bit but I my work confirmed today that they will make my payment tomorrow - phew! The other thing that has happened is that I have paid the deposit for the cycle today - we are officially ON people and did you notice, it is only 3 weeks to go today. This time in 3 weeks we will be at Melbourne airport checking in to our flight - yahoo - can't wait!
On the positive side of things, I have pretty much nearly finished my to do list for the month - huzzah and am all packed and ready for JourneyMan to pick me up from work tomorrow at 2:30pm - whooo hoo!
Okay - I am exhausted, gotta go! Catch you after Perth!
P.S. - TireeGal - our transfer is the 18th so we are a couple of weeks behind you!!


  1. Oh my, what has Journeydog been up to? Visiting the ladies?

    Have an awesome time in Perth. I hope you come home refreshed. :)

  2. Really...what has your dog been doing? :)

    Hope you have a great trip!

  3. Wha??!! I didn't realise that Journey Dog and girlfriend were on the pooch ivf programme(PIVF), and that he needed a PESA, poor fella. When will they start their own infertility blog, I wonder! I just hope it works for them!!! They better have good doggy health insurance!

  4. Sorry to hear about JourneyDog. :( Is Lifeslurper right? Are they on their own ttc journey? Lol.

    Enjoy your trip to Perth! Only three weeks til Thailand, how exciting!