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Monday, November 23, 2009

We're Back and things are heating up!!

Hello ICLW's - sorry but this is not a welcome post though you can find a bit more info about me here.
Well we got back from Perth at 4am this morning and I am a little weary I can tell you! We had a wonderful trip though the much lauded Perth beach weather deserted us and it was a pretty chilly. We only got to swim once and that was yesterday. The rest of the time the wind was absolutely bitter!
We left on Wednesday afternoon on a very hot day in Melbourne and arrived in Perth after a 4 and a half hour flight (and 3 hour time change) tired but excited. It was very cold when we got off the plane and we realised that we didn't really bring clothes that were appropriate for the cooler weather - doh! On Thursday, JourneyMan and I spent most of the day catching up on sleep and reading which was nice and then went to JourneyMan's cousin's house for his birthday BBQ. Thankfully, JourneyCousin lent me a warm jumper for the rest of the trip. It was a fun night getting to know some new people!
On Friday, JourneyMan and I spent the day touring around Perth - we went to Fremantle which is an old colonial area of Perth where the docks are - it was really nice there. On Friday night, JourneyMan's brother and his girlfriend also flew in from Melbourne so there was plenty of company for the trip. JourneyMan went out on Friday night with his cousin and brother and a host of other people - I stayed in the room for some rest, I am not a huge party animal at the best of times but as you know, I am trying to be as relaxed as possible in the lead up to the cycle.
On Saturday, we finally ventured to the beach but it was still too cold so we quickly hot footed it out of there and had a nice lunch before going to the party on Saturday night. It was a fab night - alot of fun though not too late, thankfully! Yesterday we did some more exploring of the city and then had lunch at JourneyMan's aunt's house before we dropped JourneyMan's brother and girlfriend off at the airport. We had a few hours to kill to our flight so we decided to see a movie before checking in to our flight. We learnt some valuable lessons last night. Firstly, make sure that the movie does not go for an obsene amount of time before deciding to see it. We saw 2012 and had to leave the movie early or we would have missed checking in to our flight. Secondly, it is probably not a good idea to see an action movie, leave at the climax and only leave yourself barely enough time to check in before the flight closes. We ran out of the movie before it finished, had to fill up the rental car with petrol before putting it back and had to read the drop off instructions for the rental car en route. We got to the flight check in 5 minutes before they closed the flight and we felt like we were in our own action movie!! It took us awhile to relax after that experience I tell you!
Now it is 16 days until we go to Thailand - wow, things are really starting to move fast now! Of course, my contrary period decided to come early (yesterday) and so when I let the clinic know, they have made some changes to the cycle. I have started to take the progynova today and then egg pick up for the donor will now be on the 12th of December and the transfer will be on the 17th. It is getting really exciting. I have to say that I spent alot of time thinking about the cycle in Perth, I am very, very hopeful.
Now, I am a bit nervous about what has happened at work while I have been away but we will see what happens when I get in there tomorrow!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing time. Exactly what you need before flying off to Thailand! I can't believe you are down to 15 days already. It seems like it wasn't that long ago you had over 60. Good luck with the meds. Hopefully they don't drive you crazy like they did me.


  2. Hello there Mrs Travelling Journey Woman....I don't know how you do it! Interstate travel just ahead of the big international jaunt and IVF cycle ughhhh! I swear you have the energy of, make that 10! How much would I need to pay you once you are pg with Journey Baby and with time to spare (what without having to pursue IF stuff anymore) for you to come and organise/inspire/whip this ole Lifeslurper into gear??? Glad your trip went well!!! LS x

  3. Woohoo! December 17 is our date! You get your embryos and I get my band! Yay! We'll be counting down together.

  4. I'm praying that your trip in December will be exactly the prescription you need for your much-deserved BFP! (((hugs)))

    Happy ICLW!

  5. The travels sounds wonderful. Wishing you the best of luck on your trip to Thailand.