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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whirlwind weekend!

Gosh, I can't believe it is Sunday night already - where did my weekend go? It was a pretty busy one actually. Friday, I did some organising in the house while I waited for a call from the fridge delivery people. Good news, I have moved the office out of the baby room and into the open plan kitchen, living, dining room. It actually looks better than I thought and because I organised all the papers last weekend, it is pretty organised and tidy! After I found out that the fridge could not be delivered until Saturday, my Mum and I headed to IKEA to look at a TV storage unit that I liked.
We had some lunch first and consequently after we had looked at everything that we needed to, I realised that I might be late for my acupuncture appointment so we really had to rush. Just as we were going out of the shop, Mum discovered a display version of the unit that I wanted for $100 less (plus it was already put together - perfect!). I didn't have time to buy it and organise delivery though so I had to haul arse to the acupuncturist. Needless to say she said I was more stressed than last week - booo. After the acupuncturist, I had an Optometrist appointment because I have run out of contact lenses. In the evening, JourneyMan, my Mum and I went back to IKEA to get the unit. Happily, they could deliver on Saturday. So it was arranged, JourneyMan would wait for the TV unit in the morning and I would wait for the fridge in the afternoon.
I went to the market as usual in the morning and lost my purse - gosh, the horror, I was so worried because of course it's got all the cards and info that I need to take with me to Thailand. I searched everywhere and when I couldn't find it, I reported to the office but couldn't do anymore so went to brunch. After about half an hour I got a call that a security guard had found it and it had everything still in it - even all the money, I was really lucky!!
Today, JourneyMan and I went to buy a flat screen TV for our new unit, which is being delivered tomorrow afternoon. I am happy to report the fridge is fabulous! So I have a pretty yummy menu planned for the week. We are having the salmon, spinach and fetta frittata we were supposed to have last week, a salmon with creamy lemon & parmesan sauce (it's a low fat version), lamb backstrap marinated in garlic and rosemary, beef and vegie soup for lunches and an anchovy, goats cheese and rocket (arugula for our US friends) rissotto - should be a good week!!
I worked most of the day with my bestie on doing the work that we need to so that we can have a break over the next 6 weeks and thankfully that is all done now which is one less stress! After I the TV comes tomorrow, I can spend this week clearing most of the rest of the books and everything out of the baby's room - which is really exciting though still a long way to go!!
One tough thing has happened over the weekend. JourneyMan's Mum called him to invite us to breakfast with his sister and fiancee next week. I have asked JourneyMan if it's okay if I don't go basically because I am really trying to stay as stress free as possible - I just don't think I can take a day of talking about about how she's feeling and how their preparations are going. Thankfully, JourneyMan is the most supportive husband in the world and is very understanding. Kisses to you my gorgeous man!!

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  1. Yay for the new fridge, TV, and entertainment center. You are making out like a bandit! I am so envious.

    I'm glad someone found your purse and that nothing was missing. I can't even imagine how horrified you must have been, and how relieved once you found out nothing had been taken. Phew!

    You will have to take a load off and put that new TV to good use once it arrives.