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Sunday, September 25, 2011

9 more sleeps!!

We have reached the single digit countdown people, hurrah!!!

It has been a good weekend. I went to the Footy on Friday night and then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with JBB, JourneyMan and JourneyDog. JBB has been sick with diarrhea all weekend the poor love and for the first time, we have had a pooh in the bath incident. JourneyMan was with him when he did it and the calm voice that I heard casually asked 'what do we do about a pooh in the bath situation', I cracked up and went to help. JourneyMan went deep into the daddy trenches and cleaned the pooh out of the bath while I cleaned off JBB and dressed him for bed.

He has had a bit of a rough trot of late, teething, cold and diarrhea, I hope he gets better soon and stays well for Thailand. He has had pretty bad nappy rash as well which is to be expected but we have managed to clear that up pretty quickly and his little bottom is way better now.

Good news too on the period, it has come today so I start the prog.ynova tomorrow 3 times a day. Thank you very much to those of you who helped out with an AF dance, I really appreciate it!

Back to work tomorrow and a big list of things to do this week for preparation! I am super excited (still a little scared, but 90% excited!)

Hopefully this week will go quick.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for AF!
    Hurray for single digits!
    Boo for diarrhea:(