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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 More Sleeps – this time next week!!!

This time next week we will be in the plane – whoo hooo!!!

Wow, only a week until we go and thankfully, it is whizzing by and if non-stressing and having fun is the key for this cycle to work, we are well on track, people!! I am having a good week, the cleaning is getting done, the ‘to do’ lists are getting crossed off and because my team is in the Grand Final, I am having a great time being involved in some little extra fun things. The one small fly in the ointment is that JBB is now waking up at 2-3am every night again, so I am super duper tired (back to giving myself a slap to keep awake on the drive to and from work which is not good). I figure though that I should be able to catch up on a few zzz’s in Thailand – I am hoping anyway (you know what they say about the best laid plans?).

JBB is having a great time this week, he didn’t go to daycare yesterday as we decided to keep him out to try and keep him from getting sick before we go. He was with JourneyMan’s Mum all day yesterday and then again this morning. In the afternoon, my Mum picked him up to spend some time with him and then she has him on Thursday as well. Tomorrow we are going to hang out and pack the bags - though JBB’s version of packing the bags is waiting for me to put everything in and then promptly pulling it all out. We probably will pop up to the park as well for a bit of outdoor fun.

I am feeling very organised and that things are working out very well. I have had a few things that I have forgotten but because I started packing and getting organised a few weeks ago, I am not stressed about it, I just get it done and move on.

I am hoping that my positivity and excitement are not hubris in disguise – can you be stressed about having nothing to stress about? Oh yes, that is called, being a drama queen!!

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  1. You sound as if you are in a great place mentally - except for the lack of sleep. Fingers crossed for you:)