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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My wonderful Mum

I wanted to relate a story about my Mum as it illustrates the kind of woman that she is. Originally, we were hoping for Mum to be able to come with us to Thailand because she has had a lot to deal with since my Dad has been sick and not just the cancer of recent months but mainly the hydrocephalus. He has turned into a person that we barely know and at the moment, despite the fact that he has been given the all clear by the doctors that the cancer is gone and that he has recovered well physically, he spends most days in bed all day asking my Mum to get everything for him and do everything for him. As a result of the hydrocephalus, he is also paranoid all the time and quite aggressive.

Anyway, so we had wanted her to come to Thailand with us, mainly so that she could have a break (no cooking, no cleaning, lots of spa treatments, she would have been a new woman). But with Dad as he is, she cannot even contemplate it at the moment. She also has to take him to many, many appointments each week and make many calls to the council and other agencies for help and follow up. She also takes care of JBB one day a week and is invariably helping out my brother and two sisters at times as well.

Anyway, this was just to illustrate how much she has going on at the moment. She is hugely generous with her time and love and has always been there for all of us. She had a hard time when I was going through the end on end failed cycles – she was there for me to cry on her shoulder but she has since confessed how frustrated she was that she couldn’t do anything to help.

A few weeks ago, she asked if she could buy a gift for the donor. As the donor had provided the gift of all gifts to us, so my lovely Mum wanted to buy her a little something. This is just how she is. I told a few girlfriends about this and they were quick to acknowledge ‘that is just typical M’. Yesterday we went to the shops and had lunch and had a look around for a gift for the donor. We settled on a silver fob bracelet with 2 hearts on it. We are going to write a card for her and ask someone at the hotel to write out the translation for us so that she will have it in Thai (she does not speak any English).

I love it that she wanted to thank the donor personally – that is my Mum, she is a wonderful, wonderful person and a fabulous mother!!


  1. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mum!!
    What a sweet idea!
    I wish your dad could get respite care so your mum could have a break. Is that possible over there?
    (( hugs ))
    How's the countdown?

  2. And she probably never complains, right? That's what I aspire to.

  3. Thanks for the comments, gals.

    TG, yes, we do have respite here but my dad refuses to go and my mum is not ready to stand up to him yet, it will get to that point but she is not there yet unfortunately.

    Oneinchofgrace, yep, she doesn't complain, she just keeps on helping and supporting