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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A moment dreamed of...

We had a lovely weekend, this weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had plenty of time to spend together as a family. I was lucky enough to have one of those treasured moments this weekend, the kind you freeze in time and lock in your heart forever. I am a lucky, lucky person, I have many of those moments locked in my heart, some are simple; a time when I went to the movies with my bestie and something happened (I can't even remember what now) and we got the giggles and it went on for about 20mins, it was one of those moments of pure uncontrolled laughter, where you are breathless, that is gold, I tell you. Another moment is the half an hour after JourneyMan proposed to me, we were having a picnic a my favourite gardens in Melbourne, lying in each others arms building our future together, no one new we were engaged but us, this was a moment of amazing, dream building possibility.

Of course, the 19th of August 2010 is a moment of pure love, wrapped in the cloak of relief of an IF survivor. The sight of JBB's little face and hearing his voice for the first time is burned into my mind and heart, the comfort of my beloved JourneyMan holding me, the loveliest of love soaked moments to be treasured always.

Sometimes these moments sneak up on you and one did on the weekend. We live in the suburbs and there is a beautiful bush reserve about 5 minutes from our house and at the start of it, there is a playground at the beginning with a pond with ducks in it, bellbirds and kookaburras and all sorts of beautiful bird life. We spent a couple of hours there with JBB and Journeydog who is Woolly. After playing for awhile we went for a walk, I had JourneyDog's leash and JourneyMan had JBB in the backpack. I was talking to JBB and leaned in to kiss him and then JourneyMan. JBB laughed delightedly and I realized this was one of my moments, a moment I had always dreamed of, a moment of family.

I hope in my heart that our trip to Thailand is the catalyst for more of these moments to wrap and store in my heart.


  1. Beautiful! Sorry I have not been commenting but I wish you every joy in this part of the journey and I get it about the trials joys and tribulations of a second baby! We aren't there yet, but I hope we decide and I hope we can figure it all out.
    That nature reserve sounds beautiful! Pictures? And your sweet family is the best! Hugs xxxoooo

  2. Hey TG, I am a diabolical photographer but I will try to capture a nice pic and post it