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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Backaches and cramps and dizziness, oh my!

Firstly, Happy Easter everyone!! Plus a very special Happy Birthday to my bestie!!
Well, it has been a pretty hectic time for symptoms over the past week. My back continues to be a problem after jarring it on slipping out of the shower when I was a bit dizzy. I need to head back to my osteopath to continue to get things fixed up.
At my weekly scan on Thursday, happily JourneyBabyBoy is going well and certainly looked a bit more filled out this week, though they did call the doctor in again (always when I am by myself, which always scares the hell out of me!!) and interestingly enough, who is married to my fertility specialist - honestly, Melbourne sometimes is a very small town! The doctor told me that the next few weeks are critical because JBB is getting bigger and putting more pressure on the cervix so that is when the risks are highest - I am to rest as much as possible. So that put paid to any thought of garden work on Good Friday (though because of my back, I honestly was only ever going to supervise JourneyMan).
Unfortunately on Friday, the cramps also returned with a vengeance. I tried all of the normal tricks - warm bath, analgesic, hot packs (all which the OB has directed me to do) but nothing helped and the cramps continued. I called the on-call OB and she asked me to come in and meet her at the hospital so JourneyMan and I headed in. The nurse and OB were absolutely wonderful - they checked JBB's heartbeat which was fine and did an internal exam (boooooo!) to check that nothing was happening - thankfully it wasn't. So, we were sent home with directions for me to rest and have as quiet a weekend as possible. The diagnosis being most likely that the cramps were caused my bowel spasms (ew!) which makes sense as after my last laparoscopy, there was some endo that could not be cleared out from that region - oh well, looks like I just have to grit my teeth and bear the cramps for the journey. Thankfully the cramps went away over night and Saturday was a more bearable day.
On Saturday, I didn't go to the market as usual as I was doing what I was directed to do which is to rest but I did end up going to the footy. JourneyMan and I both follow different teams and as it happened, they were playing each other on Saturday - we don't go together though, I go with my Auntie and he goes with his brother. It was supposed to be a very non-stressful game (which was one of the reasons that I went) because my team is going pretty good and JourneyMan's team is having a rough time of it, so my team was expected to win by a very large margin. It ended up being as close as a game could get with my team winning only by one point. When I was walking out, I started seeing spots and had to sit down because of the dizziness - gosh, what a weekend! On the positive side of things, I had the best night's sleep ever last night - I felt so much better today - yay!!
Now I am back on the couch (where I seem to be living mostly these days) with the JourneyDog who is Woolly. He is very tired after being chased around by my three nephews at Easter brunch with my sister and brother in law at their place today. It was a perfect autumn day today, sunny and warm but not hot, we sat out on their deck and had pancakes and savoury breads - life couldn't have been any better!!
I know that it seems that I am complaining because there are so many things going on with the pregnancy but in reality - for the most part I am enjoying it. It is such an interesting time, each day I am finding my body changing - which can sometimes be a challenge because I am feeling a bit like an elephant at the moment but I also love the basketballness of my stomach and am really enjoying the thought and feelings of just being pregnant especially wishing and waiting for these moments for so long. Nothing is ever as I expect it to be but by the same token, it is all wonderful.
JourneyMan is being super duper kind to me and helping out loads plus he is on a new health and fitness routine which has made me SOOOO proud of him, he is doing an amazing job.
Well, that's it from me. I am so behind on my reading and commenting, I feel it is going to take me weeks to catch up - I am so sorry to everyone, I am going to get back on board asap!!


  1. Wow how time flies girl. I am so glad all is well and so exciting to read about your progress. Look forward to more updates, and I MUST be better in my reading. xoxo

  2. I am completely behind too. I couldn't pass up reading your post tonight though, even though it is 11:15 p.m.

    I saw a TV show last week where a woman with a dual uterus (can't remember the EXACT term - incornate?) was giving birth to her second child. They were talking about the risks involved with it, and I couldn't stop watching and thinking about you, about how incredible it is that you are on this journey, and how you and your baby are going to be just fine, despite the potential risks.

    In the comment you left me you said you don't know what you would do if you were me, but I think you do. And I think you would do exactly what I am going to do. Why? Because you ARE doing it right now. You know how important it is, and you are willing to take your chances.

    I am glad you are savoring the best moments of your pregnancy. I don't think you are complaining so much as voicing concerns that any pregnant woman would voice. And let's face it, even though we fight so hard to be there, like you said, its different than we imagined it would be. It is okay to talk about the bits that aren't so pleasant. You take the bad with the good, and that is all that matters.

    Rest up lots and take good care of yourself and JBB.

    Love always and hugs too!

  3. I just checked in and I'm glad to hear JBB is doing well. I'm hoping everything stays that way and the cramps and dizziness just wander off and leave you alone.