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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hide & Seek - Journey Baby Style

Well, we are half way through the pregnancy - wow!! After time almost standing still there for awhile, it seems to be screaming by now, which I am thankful for on one hand but a little worried (in terms of JourneyMan getting a job and us getting our renovations done it time).
We had the 20 week scan on Friday and it was a bit of a trial. JBB seems to be very comfortable in the one place (he has been there for the last 4 weeks) and they couldn't do all of the visualisation on his face and heart. They are going to try again this week. This was after 90 mins of them poking and prodding, me having to go to the loo and jump up and down for a bit (what the!?!) and then JourneyMan and I had to take ourselves out for a walk around the block. Thankfully it was a gorgeous, Melbourne Autumn morning and it was pleasant to go for a walk. Though when we got back, they still couldn't see all that they needed to. They called the doctor in and even he couldn't get proper visuals. The doctor very nicely stressed that they are not worried at all, they just need to do the complete exam.
Thankfully, my cervix is behaving very well which is a relief! I am back to being so exhausted again now though. Last week, I worked 4 days and I didn't get an afternoon sleep on any day, couple that with a busy weekend and the fact that I am fighting off a cold, make for a serious need for sleep.
The weekend was busy but fun. I had the market on Saturday morning as usual, then the football on Saturday night. Sunday I had brunch around at my sister's for my nephew's birthday and then a coffee with my sister in law for her birthday. This weekend, I am heading up to the country to go to my other sister in law's baby shower, thankfully my bestie has agreed to come with me for the drive as she has friends up in the town so I won't be alone on the drive - plus it will give us a chance to have a good natter - yay!
A quick shout out to a good friend who is going through a donor cycle at the moment - my thoughts are with you, my friend - I am praying for excellent fertilisation rates!!


  1. Hey there JG,

    Would drinking something really sweet help to get the little guy moving?

    Glad things are well so far. Hopefully you can figure something out to get him turned.

  2. What a little stinker JBB is! He must be really content in there. I wonder if it is an indication of his personality? If so, that's pretty awesome. He's laid back and not easily poked or prodded into doing things he doesn't want to do. ;)

    I hope you get some much needed rest soon. It is so hard to be pregnant and tired.

    Much love!

  3. It should be noted that JBB has had a hearty breakfast, each Friday morning before the scan, and this may be the reason he is napping during scan time.

  4. I want to know... Has JBB inherited this stubborness from his father?