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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

JourneyDog's Future....

One of the things that has really annoyed the crap out of me lately is people telling me (and JourneyDog that is Woolly) that he is going to be pushed to the side once JBB comes along. It pisses me off royally, I mean - do they think that we got our JD not thinking that we would have a child one day, no - we think that eventually JBB and JD are going to be besties!! I had dogs growing up and I loved it and them with a passion.
I have been extremely pleased because JD is used to small children already as he is around my nephews alot - the youngest nephew was only one when JD came on the scene so he has learnt about kids from a young age. He patiently waits through is wool or tail being tugged on - he plays with them for hours, in short, I am sure he thinks that they are his brothers. Funnily enough, they play 'doggie' all of the time too (on Easter Sunday, I came across the youngest nephew on his hands and knees licking water out of JD's bowl - oh dear!!).
One of my good points as a human being is that I am extremely loyal. This dog saved me on so many occassions. After a failed cycle and I was miserable - he would come and curl up with me and provide lots of Woolly comfort. He hasn't minded (too much) being grabbed and hugged at various occassions each day. He has brought so many smiles to my face, I just couldn't even count so do you really think I am going to push his gorgeous woolly love aside, I think not. As I have said on many occassions, love does not halve when you have an additional being come in to your life to love - it doubles!!
In short, JD is my family and there is no way in hell this little inside dog is getting kicked outside (or out of our hearts) when JBB comes home. JourneyMan and I are working to ensure that we make the transition as easy on his little Woolly self as possible.
Okay, I am off to sing my woolly song....


  1. I's sorry that you have had to go through that about JD, some other people who do not find it difficult to conceive do not treat their animals as we do, that is our fur babies. I don't know if the experience you are having are with the 'fertiles' in your life or not but this is my experience, all those that find it easy to conceive find it had to understand our love for our pets.

  2. People used to say that to me about my dogs too. Like you, it also made me angry. Don't proceed to tell me what *I* will and won't do. Let ME tell YOU how it goes after my child is born.

    That being said, during the first few months of motherhood, the dogs DID get put on the back burner for a bit, which is expected. One night I even forgot to feed them! But as I got my mommy feet under me and a routine established with the baby, the pups went back to their normal lovin' routines.

    I also child-trained my dogs from the day we brought them home. I constantly tugged on their ears and fur and did everything a child would do, so that when we eventually had children, those actions would be nothing new to them. They adjusted seamlessly to the baby. She tugs on them, crawls all over them, and does whatever with them, and neither of them care. I am sure things will be the same in your house when JBB comes.

    Next time someone tells you how your life will be, thank them for letting you know how to act, but that you think you will make that determination yourself.

  3. If a person doesn't know what you've experienced, they have no reason to concern themselves with your decisions. They don't know what that dog has meant to you and how big of a part of your family he is. Of course things are going to change a little bit when you have a baby! Same as when you have one baby, the attention he got all to himself will decrease when you have another. People are weird...