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Thursday, April 22, 2010

JourneyBabyBoy behaves!!

My weekly scan this week showed JBB's gorgeously perfect heart (that he kept very hidden last week) and he also let us get a lovely view of his beautiful little face - it was wonderful. All good in the scan and my cervix is behaving nicely too. The progesterone must also be doing it's thing because even though I have had cramps, they have been pretty mild and easily bearable - yay!!
On the belly front, things seem to have gone into overdrive as I am popping out all over the place - I am absolutely loving it!! I am busting out of many of my clothes now - I am well and truly into the maternity wear now. I had to go and get some new pj's though - all of the ones that I had were not comfortable enough. I found the most comfortable Pooh and Tigger one's - JourneyMan laughed at me when he saw me in them, I gave him a bit of a JBB dance.
I have been getting the dizzy spells again so I have to be really careful. We are going through a spell of unseasonable hot weather so I think that this might have something to do with it. I had to leave work today I was so dizzy. The exhaustion is still hanging around so the rest today has done me the world of good.
Apart from the dizziness, I have been feeling pretty good both physically and emotionally. I am SOOO excited about meeting our little baby boy (though of course I don't want to meet him just yet) - I am really, really looking forward to holding him in my arms. He has been kicking up a storm this week as well, I keep thinking that I can feel it on the outside but everytime JourneyMan tries, he can't feel it - oh well, it's my own little joy for a bit longer.
Want to clear up some things from last week's scan. JBB's feet were moving so much that they had trouble visualising all of his toes - JourneyMan was out of order saying that I had a big breakky - he was the one who had eggs, bacon, mushrooms (I nearly vomited from the smell), tomatoes, toast and a sausage and all I had was fruit toast and orange juice. Chelle & TIO - yes, I think it is an indication of his personality - very much like his father - laid back in many aspects and not easily poked and prodded into things but stubborn like a mule (gosh help me)!!

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  1. I love that everything is going so well with this pregnancy despite the little things. Cervix is holding up well, only mild cramping, baby is looking awesome. It is all great! I love reading all of the updates because it makes me so happy things are going so well for you.

    I had to buy special pjs when I was pregnant too. I kind of miss them because they were so comfortable. Maybe I will be back in them by the end of the year. :)

    Give the Journey Family love and hugs from me. :)