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Friday, April 26, 2013

37 Weeks and Counting Down - 11 Days to go

I am definitely on the countdown now - I am really ready to meet our little guy now.  It's been a pretty uncomfortable week.  Lots of cramping, back pain and stabbers in the lady bits, ouch! I feel like I am blown up like a balloon with all the fluid as well.  Boo2's room is ready for him, the hospital is essentially packed and I am preparing for a big cook up next week.  So we are all ready!!

I had my 37 week appointment today with the OB.  I had noticed that Boo2's movements had reduced over the last few days so I had another monitor, thankfully that was all good.  If he is still not moving much over the weekend, I am to go back in to be monitored again on Sunday.  I think that he is just not moving as much because he is a bit squashed now.  His heart rate was excellent!!  Looks like we are going to make it to the Ceasarean date of 7 May - so the countdown is well and truly on.  Only 11 more days to go.  I hope that they go fast!!

In the very best of news, they have changed the policy of the hospital so that JourneyMan and Boo2 will be able to come to recovery with me.  Last time with JBB, I had about half an hour of cuddle time with JBB while they cleaned him off and sewed me up and then JourneyMan and JBB went back to the room (and got JBB weighed etc) and I was in recovery, I think for about 40mins to an hour.  This news has really made my day - now I will be with my boys while I recover.  I can have some skin to skin time all of that time in recovery as well as to try to breastfeed straight away.  Big Yay! My Mum will be bringing JBB in to see Boo2 asap so he will meet him as soon as we are allowed to go back to the room. 

Tomorrow, I am heading to the market to get all the food needed for our cook up.  I am going to fill the freezer up with healthy lunches and dinners and snacks so that we will have a few weeks of food when I get home from the hospital without too much hassle.  We did the same before JBB was born and it was great to have healthy food only a defrost away. My bestie is coming over for a visit on Saturday arvo so that will be nice to see her. 

Sunday is going to be a nice rest day though I daresay a bit of cleaning will need to be done, I at least need to defrost the freezers so that there is room for the food from the cook up.  My sisters and Mum are coming over on Monday to help out with the cook up which is brilliant news!!  With 4 of us, we should be able to get it done pretty quickly.  Tuesday, JourneyMan's Mum comes over to spend a few hours with us (and she takes JBB to the park to run the energy out of him!!).  Wednesday, I think I will get to the shops for a few last minute items and then Thursday I am back to the OB.  

11 more days.......


  1. Yay!!! I'm so very excited for you! It sounds like things are going so well and you've got it all under control. Boo2 will be here before you know it! And you made it to full term even if he were to come ahead of that. Such good news too about the hospital. I was lucky when I had my c-section with Bean and I got to recover in the room. I still missed out on the first half hour or so of her life while they stitched me up, but it was wonderful having us all together after that. I'm so glad you get to be together this time around. I'll be counting down with you!

  2. Sounds really good! You're nearly there!
    The worrier in me says that if you keep having reduced movement take it seriously. Not to scare you, but that happened with Isobel and she had the chord wrapped round her neck 4 times. Her heartbeat was good but that couldn't tell the whole story because we didn't know why she wasn't moving til the c section. That was at 38 weeks. Have you had an ultrasound to see Boo2 recently and to make sure it's non chord? I hope all will be fine, I just wanted to give you my experience too. Sorry to be a Downer but we can't be too careful. Big hugs and good luck!