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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A lot going on...

So, there has been a huge amount of changes here in the last couple of weeks!  I am going to have to break things up so that I can get all of the info out.

Boo2's Room

A couple of weeks ago, my Mum and older sister came over and helped me to blitz Boo2's room.  We got all of JBB's old clothes out, sorted through all of the them, washed (well my Mum did about 6 loads of washing for me) all of them including wraps, blankets, sheets, towels and everything.  They moved all the furniture around so that the room is now a proper nursery.  We still have a few things to do, like sand and varnish a chest of drawers and sand and paint the cradle but that's about it then put all the clothes and everything else away and it is done - yay!!  I at least feel that now, Boo2 will have somewhere to sleep and some clothes to wear if he makes his appearance early so that is comforting.  I do have to get a few things for my hospital bag but that is also getting there.


The weekend before Easter, JourneyMan and I had a mini baby moon - we stayed the night at a hotel in the city and spent some nice time together.  We dropped off JBB to my Mum's place at around lunch time so that he could have his afternoon sleep over there and headed in to the city to enjoy each others company.  We were in a lovely hotel overlooking the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), both of us love the footy so this was nice.  When we checked in, we were the epitome of tired parents.  We were both like 'should we go for a walk and see something?' but the answer was 'no we've lived in this town for our whole lives' and both proceeded to have an afternoon sleep.  Oh dear.  We went to see a movie at Gold Class (Silver Linings Playbook) in the evening which was really lovely.  It was nice to have a date night together and spend time talking and laughing.  Unfortunately the next day I woke up with a headache so didn't get as good a sleep in as I was hoping but it was still nice to relax and read.  We had booked in to have traditional afternoon tea at the Windsor which is a Melbourne institution - it was absolutely delicious but I was still feeling very ordinary and by the time we left, I was feeling really terrible.  It was a shame to end on this note but it was nice to pick up JBB and JourneyDog who is Woolly because I had really missed them, even though it was only a night away.

Finishing Work

Last week was my last week of work.  Originally, I was supposed to work another week or so but they stuffed up my contract and I thought it would be nice to finish a bit earlier and spend some good quality time with JBB.  The last week of work was quite stressful and it wasn't, I had to hand over all of my duties to a person who needed a lot of hand holding which made things trickier than they needed to be. It was surreal finishing up on Thursday last week.  The main thought that I had was that I would seriously miss working with my Bestie.  We had only been working together for two years but we had so much fun and it was really nice to have a genuine friend at work and a friend who I could discuss work with and they knew exactly what I was talking about.  I am hoping to go back to the same team and company in around 6 months so we still might get to work together but you never know, it has just been great fun working together - I will miss it.

Bestie Results are In

Speaking of my Bestie, on Thursday she found out the results of her lumpectomy - NEGATIVE!!!  What a relief for her and her family!!!  What a relief for me, I am SOOOOO happy for her and I am happy to report that she is super duper happy and back to herself again which is good news.  For her, it has been 3 long months of uncertainty and waiting and I am so glad that she can now get on with her life (and new love!!) - so exciting.


Is going well though he is well into the the 'terrible' twos and have had many tantrums to deal with.  The roller coaster ride of a toddler is amazing to behold.  One minute he is lying on the floor screaming and pounding in frustration and the next minute he is cuddled up with me on the couch, touching my face and telling me that he loves me.  He is a really smart kid, his speech has come along amazingly in the last 6 weeks and most of the time we have a ball of a time.  He does, of course, love to push the boundaries but he is learning, growing and changing so much every day, it is just a lot of fun.  I think that he is going to be a great big brother and he seems to be genuinely getting excited to meet his little brother.   We are going through a very big 'mine' stage at the moment though and everything that is brought out for Boo2, he is claiming as his - uh oh!!  I do worry sometimes about the after effects of the  Kawasaki disease but so far he has shown no ill effects and I hope that it continues.  I have read recently that they have isolated a gene that is related to Kawasaki disease so we will need to keep and close eye on Boo2 as well.  JBB hasn't toilet trained as yet, I just don't feel he is ready, he doesn't seem to know when the wee is coming.  I am not stressed about it, I am a big believer in letting a child dictate his readiness.

Pregnancy - 32 week growth scan

So, we had a growth scan at 32 weeks that was a little confusing.  This scan was hugely important because it would highlight if the two vessel cord was causing any problems in Boo2's growth.  On the day of the scan, the clinic called me and said that their machine had broken down and could I attend a different clinic (with the same technician who had been handling our case from the beginning), I said yes, that was no worries.  When we were in at the clinic, we got mixed information about the scan.  They said that Boo2 was bang on the 50th percentile for weight, which is perfectly average - we were very happy but the technician did say that some of the measurements were around 2 week behind.  The doctor said that he would call me if there was an issue but I haven't received any calls so I am assuming that all is okay.  I do have an appointment with the OB this Thursday so will know more then.

Pregnancy - 33 weeks

It has been a pretty tough pregnancy, I do feel that pretty much every pregnancy symptom has come my way over the last 33 weeks, the latest being carpel tunnel syndrome and sciatica in my back.  As an infertile, I dreamed of the two pink lines wiping away my anxious, waiting and that I would enjoy being pregnant, watching my belly gently swelling as I relish every moment of pregnancy.  Unfortunately the reality of both pregnancies has been pretty much white knuckling it right through.  The worry is my worst symptom but I am definitely quite uncomfortable at the moment and I am looking forward to meeting this beautiful little boy growing inside me.  At least I know that it is all worth it.  I am really excited to meet Boo2, he already seems to have a different personality than JBB and I am excited to see what he looks like and what he is like as a little person.  Only 35 days to go, whoo hoo!!

New Baby

JBB has a new cousin, a little girl.  JourneyMan's sister had her last week and she is absolutely adorable.  I can't lie and say that I wasn't a little bit jealous that my sister in law had a girl and that there was a little part of me that grieved for a daughter of my own (not in place of Boo2 but in addition to) but it was only fleeting and holding her made me yearn to hold Boo2.  She is a really beautifully good baby, hardly crying, sleeping and eating well.  JBB was absolutely adorable with her as well, completely gentle, fascinated and couldn't wait to give her a kiss when he was holding her.  He makes me so proud, he is such a good boy.  Since we saw her, he has been talking about it to everyone he sees.  I can't wait to see him holding his brother, we are so lucky to have such exciting times ahead.


Happy Easter to all!  We had a super busy one here.  We had our maternity photo's taken on Good Friday morning.  I felt quite uncomfortable about them but hopefully there are some nice shots in there that are worthwhile.  I mainly want them for the newborn shots of the boys but am hoping there are some nice belly ones in there since this is the last time I will be pregnant.  We then made our way over to JourneyMan's sisters place way, way on the other side of the city and spent most of the rest of the day cooing over the new baby.  On Saturday, I took JBB to the market with me and then had to rest in the afternoon from the effort of it.  Sunday was a busy day, the Easter Bunny visited JBB and he hunted around for his eggs.  It made JourneyMan and I smile at how much fun he had looking.  We had brunch over at my older sister's house (JBB went crazy with his cousins) and it was the most amazing food.  JourneyMan took JBB to the footy and then I went to the footy in the afternoon (different game) with my Aunt.  Monday we went and spent some time with my bestie.  It was a really nice weekend but very busy, I haven't been sleeping so well so have been pretty exhausted.

First Day not Working

Today was my first day not working and we had a pretty productive day.  JBB helped me to make some stewed apples and some Thai chicken curry for dinner.  His Nanna (JourneyMan's mum) came over to have a play with JBB and some lunch with us which was really nice.  I got quite a bit of cleaning done and got to be with and play with JBB all day which was lovely.  He did have a bit of a meltdown but I think he was still very tired from his busy weekend.  He had a good afternoon sleep which was good because it allowed me to have one too.  It will be nice to spend the next 5 weeks with him before our lives change once again forever.

Foof, big update - you have done well to get this far!!!  Will hopefully check in more regularly from now on!!


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  2. Wow! You are amazing! So much going on! It's great that you are so involved with your family:) I hope the chord and growth issues get explained / resolved soon:)