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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2 Vessel Cord

After yesterday’s scan, JourneyMan and I did some research on the internet and then the panic started.  We found that 2 vessel cords increased the incidence of chromosomal and congenital defects (especially of the heart and kidney’s).  It also significantly increased the risks of still birth and low birth weight babies.

I tried not to worry until we spoke to our OB today but of course, the worries crept in.  Unfortunately, it is not only the 2 vessel cord that we need to contend with – it is the unicornuate uterus that can also contribute complications (incompetent cervix, high risk of miscarriage, preterm labour and low birth weight) as well as the factor V leiden which can cause late term miscarriage, higher risk of blood clots, early onset of pre-eclampsia , higher risk of placental abruption and a higher incidence of poor fetal growth.

It made me start to wonder ‘how many chips can you have stacked against you before it all crumbles?’  Is this 2 vessel cord the straw that broke the camel’s back?  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I had many scenario’s running through my mind. 

Luckily the appointment was pretty early and I have the best OB in the world.  He launched straight in to what was going to happen with the 2 vessel cord and then gave us plenty of time to ask questions.  I knew that my OB would have dealt with this before because he specialises in high risk pregnancies and multiples and apparently the 2 vessel cord is more prevalent in twin pregnancies.  Indeed, he told us that he is writing a paper on the impact of the 2 vessel cord right now.  I love this man.

Here is the good news:

  • It is unlikely that Boo2 is suffering any chromosomal issues because we were already tested at came back with a very low risk
  • It is unlikely that the heart and kidney’s have congenital deformities because when the sonographers picked up the 2 vessel cord, they double checked the heart and kidney’s closely to ensure all is good – it is.
  • The likelihood of stillbirth does increase but they will monitor very closely from 32 and if there is any distress, they will get the baby out asap
  • At present he is measuring pretty much on the button for 21 weeks (he measured 21 weeks and 1 day on most of his measurements except his head which was 22 weeks and 1 day and the day of the scan was 21 weeks and 3 days)

Here is the not so great news:

  • If there is any restriction of growth, they will have to get the baby out early to reduce the stillbirth risk and that is always risky (but better than stillborn)
  • The risk of a low birth weight baby with the 2 vessel cord has increased by 30%
  • Boo2 and I have a lot of risks to contend with – I hope he is as willing as I am to fight with all I have to get him safely and healthy into the world

The doctor made me feel much, much better but I don’t think that I will be without worry for the rest of the pregnancy.  The most comforting thing that he said was that ‘the important thing is that I know about it, if I know about it, I can carefully treat it’ – I am glad that he knows too.  This man who brought my darling JBB, the light of my life, into the world safely – I trust him and hope that he can do the same for little Boo2.  The irony of the situation is that yesterday was the first scan for Boo2 that I went to that I wasn’t worried about hearing a heartbeat, I wasn’t even worried that there was something wrong.  I went in there confident that all was good.

I guess that it is just not in my plan to have a worry free pregnancy.  I absolutely, 100% don’t care if I have to worry through the next 17 weeks, if I have a healthy baby at the end of it.  It is not the pregnancy that I care about, it is the little life that I hope to meet (not for another 17 weeks Boo2 – listen to Mummy please!) and nurture into the future.

So, I feel much better today than I did yesterday.  I am going to have to take one day at a time and be thankful that I have been given this most amazing of gifts.  I am asking my angels for the help to keep my little darling Boo2 safe and sound.


  1. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry! I really hope all stays call for you and your little one. Thsts a lot to contend with. Glad you trust your doc. I'll be hoping and praying for you!

  2. Wow - that's a tough thing to deal with! I'm sorry you're having this added stress - it's not like DE pregnancies have come easy to begin with. But your OB is right - it's a problem that they can deal with now they know about it and it sounds like you'll be well looked after. I know exactly what you mean about the pregnancy not being being the important bit. I'm lucky to have had a relatively straightforward pregnancy but the worry, the additional loooooong high-risk appointments, the stuffed up nose and endless cough and the less than fun birth and aftermath were all truly worth it to have a healthy baby at the end. Having to go through so much just to have the *chance* to have a baby really puts all the romantic ideals about pregnancy and birth into perspective. As I said the the midwife who asked if I had thought about what kind of birth I'd like - "I'd like a birth where the baby and I are both ok at the end"!

  3. I am sorry you have to deal with this added stress! Sounds like you are in good hands and handling this super well! You will be in my thoughts!

  4. Those are all very scary things, but thank heaven you were able to eliminate most of the horrible ones. It does sound like you are in good hands, and I agree with your doctor that knowing about it makes getting this baby here alive and healthy more likely.

    This baby already is a little fighter. How long was he on ice in Thailand? What were the chances he would survive the thaw? What were the chances of him sticking and turning into the baby in your womb? He has already overcome so many odds, what's a few more? You're in good hands, and this little guy will make his way safely here where you will raise him for the rest of your life.