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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Best Friendly Cycle

There have been some developments over the past few weeks, good and bad. First with the good news. My best mate is coming to Thailand with me whilst I am having the Thailand 2.2 cycle. I am really happy about this because last time I was pretty lonely. It was pretty tough being away from everyone and it will be heart wrenching to be away from Journeyman and JBB but at least I will have my lovely Bestie to chat with. We have travelled together many times. We have been to Bali a few times, worked together in London and travelled through the UK, we hiked up to Everest base camp in Nepal, we have been many places in Australia and have been to Cambodia and Thailand. I love traveling with her, we can sit by the pool for 5 hours and still not have enough time to talk about everything that we want to. She is also the person (apart from Journeyman) who understands and supports our journey completely, despite the fact that she doesn't want kids, she has never told me to shut the hell up about all the infertility talk. She is totally on my side and people like that are rare. She is a jewell in my life and I am super happy that she is coming with me. She knows all what the cycle entails and she is coming to the clinic with me as well, bless her! Thankfully there are a bazillion shops within walking distance of the clinic so when I am in the transfer for 3 hours, she can have a nice wander around and shop to her hearts content. It also makes it more of a holiday than a cycle which is nice and because we also work together, we can talk about it at work too, big yayers, it makes it all a bit more exciting. So that was the good news. The bad news is that I got the results of the battery of blood and urine tests that I've had recently and I got the results, some of which was very good, blood sugar is great (which is good because my mum has type 2 diabetes) and my one kidney is working gangbusters, which is fabulous. The bad news is that I tested positive for anti thyroid anti bodies and my FSH is 37 and am now classed as peri menopausal. I know that the FSH thing doesn't really affect the cycle because we are using donor eggs but I feel quite saddened by these results. I also have very low progesterone. I'm still trying to get my head around all of these things and I need to email the Thai clinic to let them know all of this. I'm just hoping that we can deal it and help the cycle to still be successful. All of this has resulted in my going of the rails eating, exercise and motivation wise and I need to claw my way back. I definitely will but I now already feel like time is running short to the cycle to make significant changes, less than 16 weeks to go. Pray for me to get my act together okay and if you have any anti thyroid antibody solutions or low progesterone suggestions, I would really appreciate it!

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  1. I'm so glad your bestie is going with you!! Thst is so cool!!
    Sorry about the other bad news about which I know absolutely nothing. I hope you can get some answers and solutions quickly. And as for getting back on the healthy pre cycle lifestyle, you can do it!!!! Go for it!
    (( big hugs!))