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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still (slightly) Irked by the Fertiles

Another incident happened recently with my sister over Easter. We had pancakes, eggs and bacon for brunch, along with fruit smoothies, a fresh fruit platter and of course, Easter eggs – it was really yummy but I am getting sidetracked!! I was cooking the eggs on the barbie when my sister (who is pregnant) said to me ‘my acupuncturist said to me that you eat eggs to get eggs’. In my mind, I am having an indignant conversation with myself ‘firstly, my acupuncturist also said that to me but HELLO we gave up on my dried up, non-responding, bad quality, no quantity eggs years ago, that is why my son doesn’t look like me and why instead of just being able to spend an enjoyable Saturday night with my husband and *poof* 9 months later we have a sibling for our son, I will be heading off to Thailand for the 3rd time in 12 months in August to use our final frozen embryo’s to see if we can get this poor kid a brother or a sister or if we have to save up the equivalent of the GDP of a small nation to have another fresh cycle with a different donor and thus scarpering a dream of a full blood sibling for our son!!’ what I actually said out loud was ‘yes, and pomegranate is also good as it is a symbol for fertility in Feng Shui I believe’. I’m not mad at her, I just put it down to the fact that there are very few people that fully understand the situation (and also maybe a bit of preggo brain!!).

I find it a little bit amusing that family and friends still like to give me fertility tips. The fact that they do makes me think that they don’t know me at all. I mean, I am a serious researcher. There is not much that I haven’t researched in relation to my fertility. Honestly, you name it and I have done research on it and not only in the last few months, this has been going on for years and years. I still have access to the medical journal database that my old work has (because I still have friends there J) and continually are reviewing the latest findings (or looking at historical ones). Honestly, there is literally not a day that goes by that I haven’t looked up something to do with fertility – sad, but true.

Another small mildly related thing happened on the weekend. I was talking with two girlfriends (who both have boys who are 6 and 3 months older than JBB) about the racing car bed that we had bought for JBB. Both of them commented that they don’t want put their boys into a bed yet because they are both fairly rambunctious and they like having them contained at night!! Then I thought to myself – why did I decide to do it so early then!?!? It wasn’t actually that we decided to move JBB to the bed, it was just that we were readying the room for another child, so that we put out the ‘we are ready – bring forth the children’ vibes to the universe. Just mildly interesting in the fact that it is another thing my lovely fertile friends don’t need to worry about – lucky them.

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  1. First, you are right. Nobody who has not gone through infertility could ever understand it. Nobody. That is why you have us:) Second, I am very proud of you for buying that bed. You put out those vibes and that baby WILL come. Stay strong mamma! xo