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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

20.5 Weeks to Go – Plan Update No 1

I had a very good week on the plan, I wasn’t perfect but I don’t expect to be – I am doing the best that I can. Here is a run down:


Weight Loss:

Am down 3.8kg this week but that is mostly fluid from AF coming but also from some excellent eating and exercise – I am very proud of my work this week!!


• 3 X 30min Walk / Run sessions – I am on week 5 of the ‘Couch to 5km’ running plan – I was surprised that I could pick up where I had left off because I had a week off with my back being sore
• 3 X Weights program at the gym – another win for me on this front this week as I did all three sessions and felt pretty good afterwards, a bit stiff in the muscles but that is expected
• Yoga daily – this wasn’t as great – I think I only did 2 out of the 7 nights so I need to pick up my game on this one – I really like how the yoga makes me feel.
• Walking – did two walks with my bestie at lunch times this week so that was excellent. JourneyMan and I also did a 6km walk with JBB on Sunday and I have been making an effort to walk places rather than drive so another big success
• I also did 2 sessions of intervals on the home spin bike which was really good – I am hoping to raise this to 3 sessions next week


• Skin brushing daily – this was a bit of a problem as I only did this once and JBB took the brush and has hidden it from me – need to do a good search of the house to find it and get this going again!!
• Clay bath – didn’t have one (forgot – whoops!!)
• Castor oil pack – did one pack which was good and wasn’t able to do anymore because AF came – will do two this week
• Clay foot bath – did this one – it is a pleasure and not as messy as the bath so happy with that!!
• Naturopath liver detox powder – was very good with this during the week having it twice a day but forgot a couple of times on the weekend, need to put some reminders in so I remember

Mind / Body Connection:

• Saw the psychologist last week and once again she helped me out with dealing with some issues and giving me tools with how to handle things – I feel like I only need a couple more sessions and then I can be left to my own devices – I can always go back if things go awry.
• Imaging, Subliminals, hypnosis – I have put the CD’s onto my phone and have done some imaging about 5 nights during the week so that was good
• Mind Map – haven’t done this one yet – JourneyMan and I will need to focus and get it done over Easter
• Make myself ready for another baby – well there is a proliferation of elephant keyrings in my world and every time, I look at them, I think of JBBS who has a face to me now. I had been thinking that if we had a boy, there would be some part of me that wanted to go again and try for a girl but yesterday, I felt the decision, two is enough – if we are blessed enough with two, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl, I don’t mind – I will be happy and believe that we are absolutely blessed!!
• Meditation – have not started this one yet – need to find some time to slot it into my day.
• Relaxation time – I have a bath almost every day and that is my time to read a novel, I like that as my relaxation time. Plus the footy has started again, so that is also my time for myself – sometimes it is not relaxing but it is fun and that is the main thing!!


• Bills paid on time – I have caught up on most of the bills – I have a couple to pay today and we are all up to date – I feel like I am starting to get a handle on this again now (thank goodness!!)
• Taxes complete and up to date – I have had to move my appointment with the accountant tomorrow to next week because there are some items that I still need to gather but I have made excellent progress in the past week so I am very happy about that.
• Stay within budget – this also needs some work, JBB and I are going to work on a budget over the Easter weekend for us to stick to!


• Room ready for baby – still need to buy a mattress for the new bed for JBB & JBBS’s room – will do that over Easter
• Bedded down routines for cleaning – not a good start on this one, the house is a bit of a bomb site this week, I have joined flylady to see if she can help me out!
• Bedded down routines for the cooking – we had an excellent week of eating lovely home cooked food and only a couple of chicken and salad take-away days which was a good effort I think – this week is going to take some focus with Easter upon us – mmmmm chocolate!


• A very poor week sleeping wise because not only did we have JBB waking in the middle of the night, when daylight savings finished, he’s been waking up at 3:30-4am and will not go back to sleep for love nor money. We are trying some new things to get him down but I went to bed early which is really the best I can do at this point. JourneyMan and I will have to negotiate some sleep in’s over the Easter weekend.


• I have been great in this respect, doing what I can and letting negative thoughts go by without engaging with them. Moaning Myrna is still there but her voice is turned down right now which is good. I am aiming to keep her voice as white noise – I don’t need to listen to that chick’s crap.


A very good start week – I am very proud of myself!! The new week has started a little shakily for me but I will pull myself together and get moving again!! Just writing this review of last week has made me realise that I need to put together a to do list for over Easter! Normally we go away at Easter to a country Victoria running race meeting, the Stawell Gift – it is the ‘richest footrace in Australia’ and draws athletes from around the world. It is beautiful there but this year we are staying in Melbourne because of course we are saving for another cycle, this is not the first time that this has happened but hopefully it might be the last time we miss for that reason (I don’t mind if we miss it next year because I am in the last trimester of a pregnancy!!).

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  1. I am seriously impressed at your stick-with-it-ness! I feel exhausted just reading what you've achieved ;-). I think you SHOULD feel proud.