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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Weekend O Shite

The Journey House has not been a happy one over the past few days.  JBB has been sick and so has Journey Man.  JBB has also been getting up at around 4am every morning for the last few months.  We put him back to his room whereupon he cries for around an hour because we then get up at the more ‘civilised’ time of 5am.  In addition to that, he has started to eschew his daily nap.  The result has been one very, very tired and grumpy little boy.

JourneyMan has also been very grumpy because he is sick as well and because he has not been wearing the CPAP machine for the past few nights, I haven’t been getting much sleep either.  On Saturday evening, things took a turn for the worse.  I was cutting up JBB’s dinner when I was doubled over with a pain in my side.  It kept on occurring for awhile and because it was similar to the pain that I had when I had the blood clot in my lung, I was worried.  I called the Nurses on Call, who immediately called the ambulance.  The ambulance people checked me out and said that I needed to go into emergency for further testing so we organised for JourneyMan’s Mum to have JBB for the night and I headed in to the hospital.

An emergency room on a Saturday night when the moon is full is not a particularly fun place to be.  We waited for a long time.  I felt pretty stupid because I didn’t really believe that it was a blood clot but we felt like it had to be ruled out for safety’s sake.  After about 3 hours of waiting, a blood test and a chest xray, I had some raised blood indicators that made them want me to stay in over night and get an MRI scan in the morning.  Until there were the raised indicators, I wasn’t really worried, I thought they would rule it out and then I would go home.

That gave me pause to think about the consequences of it being a clot.  I would have needed to have blood thinning therapy for approximately 12 months which would rule out the cycle in August or really any other cycles for at least a year.  This sent me reeling a bit because we had already determined that we would hopefully (worst case scenario) be finished with cycles by the end of 2013. 

Thankfully, we don’t have to consider the changes that this would have wreaked as the scan on Sunday turned out to be clear.  It turns out that I have some pleurisy in the lungs (Pleurisy is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest (the pleura) that leads to chest pain -usually sharp- when you take a breath or cough.) from a viral infection so apart from some pain killers to deal with the pain of it, there is nothing further that can be done.

Hopefully, the Journey house will return to good health and lots of sleeping soon (though I am thinking that we need a good plan for our rascally little JBB).

6 and a half weeks to go!!

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  1. Ugh! Who has time for those little wrenches that get thrown into life? Being sick and getting thrown for a loop is for the birds.

    I am so glad to hear it wasn't anything serious, and that they were able to provide you with some comfort. I wish that you all could get some much needed rest. I wish I had some great advice on how to do that too. lol

    Hang in there girl!